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Easter Egg Hunt!

Event & Holiday Dates! Events & Holidays! FUN!

We are having an Easter Egg hunt over here on the website! All you have to do is Find all the Easter Eggs that look like this!

They are hidden all over the place so make sure you check out images, products and pages
Either email us or comment how many you think there are hidden on the website, correct answers will entered in to the prize draw to win £75 worth of Jewellery.
Competition closes 6th April 2015. The winner will be picked on Fri 10th April


Good Luck!


P.s you can count these three!! :D

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  • Anielka on

    NOw I could totally have goettn behind wearing something like that at my wedding, instead of the giant parade float I did wear, complete with foundational garments that only allowed me to pee once through the whole reception since getting in and out of it all was like repacking a parachute.

  • Pulento on

    Thanks so much for pointing out that typo! Can you bevleie it? I use these every day. I’ve also updated the links and linked to the key commands chart PDF directly.And yes, we definitely plan to send special nightly builds to VoiceOver users for them to hammer on and give us feedback.

  • Gary on

    Hi Theresa! I LOVE Shaking My Confidence ! It just screams spirng, sunshine, and life, into gray rainy days spent listening to my history professor drone on and on about Columbus! You are so creative! It would brighten up many outfits and would go great with the necklace you made for me!

  • Boneka on

    Well honestly, all these rings are so worfdneul. I love looking at your shop online and admiring your creations. So talking about these rings will be fun! Shaking My Confidence reminds of a field of flowers in the summertime. When there is blue sky and the smell of sunflowers all around. While, Lit Up by the City makes me think of looking at the Seattle Skyline from Kerry Park at night. When the city is all aglow with the twinkling lights. I just think of a chic black dress and that ring. Yes, so adorable. Fade to White, honestly reminds me of Audrey Hepburn. I don’t know why, but I just imagine Audrey Hepburn wearing this ring and taking a stroll in the park. Every ring is darling but I must say my favorite is Fade to White. These are so lovely Theresa!

  • Soto on

    Hi Kate,I’m writing you on two acncuots. 1. I would like to buy a trio pendant from you for myself and 2. I’m wondering if you would like to donate a piece for the silent auction for the 4th Annual Black Diamond Sponsored Fundraiser for the Salt Lake Climbers Alliance. I’m the Director of the local non-profit, the SLCA. This is our main fundraiser of the year to raise money for climbing advocacy in the Wasatch. This will be a rad party on May 30th 6-10pm in the BD parking lot with crate stacking, beer, food, silent auction, ect. You should come if you are in town I’ll put you on the list if you are and we can get you to compete in the arm wrestling or crate stacking .If you’re down, please let me know and I can send you the tax refundable receipt for your donation.Donations can be sent to:Attn: Holly MerrimanBlack Diamond Equipment2084 East 3900 SouthSalt Lake City, UT 84124Regardless if you donate or not, I would like to purchase a piece of yours. How do I do it?Best,Julia

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