Beastly Prince - Pinup Bounding Jewellery Set

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One look at this gorgeous fakelite Pinup Bounding set and you know exactly which prince you're looking at! Inspired by Disney's Beast, we have our Beastly Prince 40's and 50's jewellery. Get ready to glide across the ballroom floor and show everyone just how refined you really are!

This set contains

1 x Maisie fakelite bangle in Midnight Blue - Queenie

1 x Grace Lucite confetti bracelet in Clear & Black - Queenie

1 x Grace Lucite confetti bracelet in Navy & Silver - Queenie

1 x Maisie Marbled fakelite bangle in Yellow - Queenie

With or without

1 x Amelia lucite confetti hoop earrings - Royal Blue

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