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Hazel fakelite bangle - Marbled plum - IN STOCK!, , Bracelet, Bow & Crossbones, Bow & Crossbones   - 1

Bow & Crossbones

Hazel fakelite bangle - Marbled plum - Special offer!


Hazel carved fakelite bangle - Inspired by Cam's collection of bakelite. She had the bangle but not the earrings, so she got some made!! Matching bangle available!!

These fabulous marbled reproduction marbled plum resin Queenie sized bangles  Approx 6.5cm diam. internal wrist hole

Please not that the marbling on each bangle differs. 

 If you want to mix and match 3 of our other Hazel colours please just leave us a note of the colours you require!

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