Le Handsome Hunter - Pinup Bounding Jewellery Set

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No-one loves a handsome bad boy more than us! So inspired by one of Disney’s Gaston we give you the Le Handsome Hunter set. Win the hand of the most gorgeous girl in town or slay the style beast with this vintage-inspired jewellery set. He’s the perfect way to start your gender-bending Pinup Bounding adventure!

This set contains:

1 x Maisie Marbled Fakelite Bangle in Yellow - Queenie

1 x Esma Thin Rick Rack Bangle in Gold & Plum - Queenie

1 x Maisie Fakelite Bangle in Wine - Queenie

1 x Maisie Fakelite in Papaya Orange - Queenie

And with or without

1 x Edith Fakelite Hoop Stud Earrings - Papaya orange

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