Mighty King - Pinup Bounding Jewellery Set

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Inspired by Disney's Simba - we have our Mighty King vintage-inspired jewellery set! He's the fuzzy little hairball who became the pride of the kingdom. This 40's and 50's reproduction Pinup Bounding set is full of the richness this King deserves!

This set contains

1 x Imogen Fakelite Bangle in Tawny Brown - Queenie

1 x Imogen Fakelite Bangle in Pineapple Yellow - Queenie

1 x Maisie Fakelite Bangle in Tortie - Queenie

1 x Grace Confetti Lucite Bangle in Rust Brown - Queenie

1 x Grace Confetti Lucite Bangle in Tawny Bronze - Queenie

And with or without of earrings

1 x Imogen Carved Fakelite Hoop Earrings - Tawny Brown

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