Sea Witch Soul - Pinup Bounding Jewellery Set

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Strike a deal as the ocean's nastiest inhabitant! Our Sea Witch Soul set gives you everything you need to give Disney's Ursula a vintage-inspired Pinup Bounding makeover. I mean, she's already a shining example of pure confidence! We think we could all get in on a little of that action to soothe our poor unfortunate souls. 

This set contains:

1 x Maisie fakelite bangle in Pearl - Queenie

1 x Elsie carved fakelite bangle Purple - Queenie

1 x Elsie carved fakelite bangle in dusty blue - Queenie

1 x Grace Lucite confetti bracelet in Black Holo flake - Queenie

And with or without earrings:

1 x Amelia lucite confetti hoop earrings - Black Holo flake

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