The Dragon Mistress - Pinup Bounding Jewellery Set

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Inspired by Disney's earliest incarnation of Maleficent, here's our The Dragon Mistress jewellery set! You can take the ruthless, evil fairy out of the kingdom but she'll STILL be the most elegant villainess! Even when she lets out her dragon-side.  With her unlimited powers, there's plenty to play with Pinup Bounding as this mistress - we can't wait to see your take on her!

This set contains

1 x Maisie fakelite bangle in Pear Green - Queenie

1 x Elsie carved fakelite bangle in Black - Queenie

1 x Elsie carved fakelite bangle in Purple   - Queenie

1 x Grace Lucite confetti bracelet in Black Holo flake - Queenie

And with or without earrings

1 x Edith Fakelite Hoop Stud Earrings - Pear Green

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Model : Grace Jaques

Photographer : Retro Photo Studio