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Dedicated to bringing kitsch, rockabilly, vintage, retro and rockin' pieces to YOU!

Bow & Crossbones, well-known on the hotrod and rockabilly circuit, is an independent UK company which grew from one woman offering her own handmade jewellery. Bow & Crossbones was created in June 05 promising quirk and originality. Frustrated with what was available on the high street, Bow & Crossbones began making the pieces they wanted to see. Their accessories soon proved popular with other like-minded folks.

Bow & Crossbones now sells to unique peeps around the world that aren’t afraid to be a little bit daring and different when it comes to adding little something special to their look or home.

Bow & Crossbones has a long-time love of all things vintage, retro and kitsch, with a particular soft spot for Americana fashions. As such, the company has been taken into the hearts of vintage fans and pin-ups around the world. The company has grown and developed closely with its customers’ needs, responding to demand by launching it’s own website in 2008. 

We specialise in authentic vintage reproduction acrylic resin accessories. Our vintage-inspired collection features glittering confetti filled earrings, brooches and necklaces which evoke the true atomic era of Lucite jewellery. Opulent yet lightweight and perfectly formed!

We provide pieces for every occasion - from beautiful bridal parties to rockin’ stage shows! If you would like to collaborate with Bow & Crossbones contact us here or come and find us at one of this year’s shows.

For a full list of dates of where we'll be attending please see our events page. Check out our blog too! We keep you up-to-date on all things going on at B&C HQ.

If you're as passionate about vintage as we are - why not join us in the B&C Beauties' Lounge here? It’s the best place to find more gossip, sneak peeks of new products and special offers!


Boss Lady Cam!

Boss Lady Cam!

When we posted about Black Lives Matter, we spoke Cam’s truth as a WOC & business owner. We’ve been thinking a lot about that Truth and we feel we need to speak another Truth. 
Caring about BLM, the lives of Transgender people, the broader LGBTQIA community & the environment shouldn’t need to be shouted about - caring about humans should be a given. That said;
We are in FULL support of the Trans Community.
We are in FULL support of the LGBTQIA Community.
We are in FULL support of Black Lives Matter.
We are in FULL support of improving the Environment.
We are in FULL support of ALL BODIES deserving to feel fabulous.
In short we are in FULL support of helping to build a society which is fair and equitable for the whole planet & everyone on it.
Thanks for finding out about us!
Team Bow & Crossbones