Why can’t I place an order?

After a great deal of careful consideration we have decided it is time to say farewell to Bow & Crossbones. As of 13th February 2023 our online store is closed for the foreseeable future. We just wanted to say a huge thank you for your love and support over the last 16 plus years!


Do you have remaining stock I could buy from you?

Arrangements have been made for any remaining jewellery pieces to find good homes. There is no further stock available from B&C at this time.


I placed an order before you closed - what happens to that?

Once you placed your order, you will have received a confirmation email, with your details and the items ordered. Updates on each stage of your order - processed to shipped - will have been received via email. All orders have been processed and shipped at this time.


How do I return an item?

As of 13th February 2023 Bow & Crossbones is closed. We are unable to provide refunds, replacements or exchanges after this time.


Who was B&C jewellery for?

Our jewellery is for anyone who loves a little rockin style or sparkle in their vintage look! Please note Bow and Crossbones DO NOT recommend any of their products to CHILDREN aged 6 and under, as there are small components that could be swallowed.


If you have any further questions please email: Howdy@bowandcrossbones.com