Bangle Size Guide - Sweetpea, Princess, Queenie, Goddess & Diva

Finding your bangle size!

Getting the right bangle is about all about your hands! To get the best fit you’ll need to know the circumference of the widest part of your hand.

You’ll need:

  • Your hand
  • A measuring tape
  • Pen & paper

How to measure your hand for bracelet and bangle size

  Illustration by Alice Negri
  1. Grab your measuring tape and let’s go - First tuck your thumb towards the palm of your hand as if putting your hand into a glove, with your palm facing up. Then grab your tape and measure the widest point.
  2. Turn your hand over. Tuck your thumb in again and double-check your measurement.
  3. Once you’re happy with your number, we need to turn that circumference into a diameter.

If you’re feeling like a maths whizz, you can divide your measurement by Pi (3.14) So a 21cm hand divided by 3.14 becomes about 6.6cm diameter. Meaning they can comfortably fit wear our Queenie size!
Or if equations make your brain hurt you can head to and they’ll work it out for you.

EASY! If you’re unsure, drop us a message. We usually say to go a little tight!
You want your bangle to be a little snug as it slides over your hand - this will keep it securely in place without gripping your wrist.

Bangle size guide part 2


Our bangle sizes!

We want all you beauties to feel comfortable, as well as confident in our designs! That’s why, where possible, we produce our bangles in 5 different sizes, tailored to fit all beautiful body shapes.

Each of our sizes - Sweetpea, Princess, Queenie, Goddess & Diva - has a slightly different diameter to allow for different sized hands and wrists to slip through comfortably. Please allow a 2-3mm variation in measurements.

Bangle Size Guide - Sweetpea, Princess, Queenie, Goddess & Diva



For those slender-handed Beauties who find Princess size a little on the generous side.

Sweetpea is a petite-sized bangle measuring approx 5.8cm internal diameter. The slight reduction in diameter makes it comfortable to build your stack entirely from Sweetpea or use just one Sweetpea as the final piece to hold your precious Princess stack in place.



Maybe you too have a dainty wrist, but Sweetpea seems a little snug and you find that ‘regular’ sized bangles feel like they slide down too far. Some of you beauties call this size Maiden.

The Princess size bangle measures approx 6cm internal diameter. That little reduction in the size of wrist hole makes them perfect for the more petite person! Either build your stack entirely from Princesses or use just one Princess as the final piece to hold your Queenie sized bangle stack in place.



Our Queenie size bangle measures approx 6.5cm internal diameter.

The moderate sizing means she fits the majority of lovelies but there’s nothing common about Queenie. She is the mid-sized queen of the court after all!



Do you have slightly larger assets?

We’re talking about hands, of course. Sometimes you might just need a little more wiggle room for comfort!

Our Goddess size bangle measures approx 7cm internal diameter, making this size ideal for those who prefer a more relaxed fit or want to use Goddess as the final piece to hold your Diva sized bangle stack in place.



For our generous Divas out there - this size offers a slightly more accommodating fit than our Goddess.

Diva bangles measure approx 7.3cm internal diameter, ideal for Beauties who need that little extra or to allow our Goddesses to reach even greater stackable heights.


Some of our designs have internal carving which as beautiful and authentic as it is - it can sometimes be a little tricky to slide into place on your arm. That's where the Scarf Trick comes in!

Simply take a silky soft scarf or even a nylon hold-up and place your hand inside, like a sock puppet. The bangle should then slide easily over the scarf or nylon and onto your wrist. Repeat with each bangle as necessary, then remove the fabric and Voila! you've got your Stack of the Day!

You can watch a quick How To video here


Other terms…

On various pieces around the website, you might see us use terms like thin & thick to describe the item.

When we use these terms, it’s easiest to visualise how tall the piece is when placed flat before you. The internal diameter does not change but a thick bangle rises much higher than a thin bangle, thereby taking up more space when on your arm. 

Mixing together bangles of different thicknesses adds a dynamic element to building your stack!