Compare our Shades Here!

After many requests we thought we would set up this page for you beauties so you can see Our ranges of colour blocks, in all its glory!
Take a look at our shades across the ranges - grouped by colour! Making it super easy to build your stack, your way!

But remember, certain shades may appear slightly differently when teamed with other colours in the spectrum.

Some examples; Elsie in shade Milky may appear quite white against Ivy Vines’ Pale Yellow. But against the crisp White of Etta or the creamiest of an Ivory Lucie Starburst those warm Milky yellow tones shine through.

The Yellow of our Tropical Etta will pick up the warm hues of Oranges like Tawny or the Kane Collection’s Volcanic. But team it with the Yellow of Elsie or Angelfish to bring out those sunshine tones


A selection of pinks to compare shades


Greens shade


Orange fakelite shades


yellow fakelite shades

Creams & Whites

creams and white fakelite bangles


teal shades of fakelite
Teal shade fakelite


Blue shade fakelite bangles


purple shades fakelite bangles


Compare our red fakelite shades!