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Mothers Day and St Patricks Day!

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Howdy Folks! 

Well this weekend sees us celebrating people very important to us - Mothers!

My Mother is an amazing woman who always supports me, guides me and often works with me on Bow and Crossbones.
I love my Mom ! (I am from the Midlands so I pronounce it Mom not Mum). Trisha I salute you!

Here we are tearing up the dance floor!

Mother's Day got me thinking about some of the great Mothers I know and meet on the road at shows with Bow and Crossbones.
Verity of Amazing Hairdresser, Supreme Dancer, Lover of Glitter and Great Mum

Pip Love of PipPip and the Swags and
Pip is fantastic woman who is always ready with a tape measure to alter and rescue your vintage threads, designs some beautiful mid century clothing and boy can this Momma sing! Here she is on stage wearing some of our Vivien Hoops and Bamboo Bangles!

One of our favourite Mother and Daughter Teams to meet at shows are Janine and BabyJai. BabyJai is another talented singer and these two are force to be reckoned with!

Every Mom deserves to be spoiled and appreciated on Sunday 15th March. Here at Bow and Crossbones we also sell Gift Cards which are a great option for a Mother's Day gift.
The Mother's we know all have great taste and am sure have their eye on something from us!

It is also St Patrick's Day this week!

​ Now you may have guessed I am obsessed with Red Velvet Recipes, any excuse for cake!
We have had Red Velvet Pancakes but now prepare yourself for Green Velvet Sr Patrick's Day Cake!

Here is the recipe from Recipes Girl if you fancy a go!

If you are celebrating the Emerald Isle this week we have beautiful accessories in all shades of green for you.

Including these gorgeous Droppers!

Bye for now Folks!

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  • Andioline on

    Oh, the beautiful exrepssion, the natural gossamer hair, the unBotoxed face = this woman is a delight.A funny thing has happened to me since I began reading this blog. Every morning when I leave my apartment, I look at myself in my hallway full-length mirror and imagine that Ari is going to photograph me so, how do I look?So far, I’ve been batting 100% despite the shar-pei neck which now doesn’t bother me so much.

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