B&C's Style Guide 2021 ~ Vivien's Raglan Florals!

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In Part 1 of our latest Style Guide we started exploring the fabulous pieces of Bow & Crossbones' vintage-inspired jewellery you need to know about for Spring/Summer 2021!

Coming straight out of the gate with Vivien of Holloway's classic Red Spot Embroidered Peasant Top, we gave you 3 Ways to Style! If you missed that edition, just click HERE & get the scoop. 

Up to speed? Good! This edition we're taking a closer look in at some of the fantastic colours in store for us all these season. Ever wanted to pull together a seamless colour palette? Read on...

Vintage-inspired Styles & Shades

"Colour is my day-long obsession, joy and torment."

~ Claude Monet

Same Claude, same!

We spend a lot of time pouring over colour charts & the vintage fabrics in our collections. All to get the shades just right for each season & release.

Hours are spent in the pursuit of those authentic shades! While some may just love that Teal shade (and rightly so!) - we love that that shade gives a nod to how colour processes developed from the 1940s into the 50s. How the palette for jewellery materials & fabric opened to new hues during those mid-century decades. We're so lucky have all these shades to choose from! 

Blooming in Sunny Style

 We've made no secret of how much we love working with our friends over at Vivien of Holloway. The brand is one of the most established names on the scene, but for those who'd like to know a little more about the shop we'll let them tell you themselves!

 "Nestled in the Hustle and bustle of North Londons Holloway Road you find a rather unique little fashion oasis Vivien of Holloway. Never having been a fan of High Street fashion at a very young age Vivien starts reproducing the glamorous look of her movie star icons from the 1940s and 50s. The shop has become a destination for travellers from all over the world with well-cut classic pieces for any occasion." 

For this edition of the Style Guide, we're focusing on Vivien's Raglan Blouses in four beautiful floral prints. This style is cut to the ideal length, finishing just above the hip. Making them easy to tie at the waist for a pinup finish or keep tucked in for a sleeker style. We'll pull together the perfect stack & earrings for each blouse, so you have a go-to look ready & waiting for you!

Read on to join us on our adventures in colours! If you need any more info, just click any of the pics to see more details on that item.

Raglan Blouse Regency Berry

Vivien of Holloway's Raglan Blouse Regency Berry by Vivien of Holloway


                    Close up of the Raglan Blouse Regency Berry,accent button colour teamed with our Salmon pink Elsie fakelite hoop earrings Flatlay image of Vivien of Holloway's Raglan Blouse Regency Berry - teamed with a stack of Bow and Crossbones fakelite bangles.

For this lovely Cool-toned summer Blouse we wanted to accent and highlight the button colours, so we chose to our Salmon Pink Elsie Fakelite Hoop Earrings. New for 2021, this Salmon Pink is such a lovely well-balanced shade!

Then we built a stack from the colours in the shirt being sure to bring that accent shade in to the stack to tie in with the earrings!

Stack is made up of Lena Sky Blue bangle, Elsie Fakelite Bangle in Violet, Lucie Starburst in shade Lilac, the Elsie Fakelite Bangle in Salmon Pink & Lena Bangle Lilac!

Finishing the look with our Cha-Cha Cherries Brooch in Pale Pink. The cherry on the top, as it were!

Elsie Hoop - salmon pink Bow & Crossbones - cha cha Cherries brooch

Bow and crossbones - Lena bangle - Sky BlueBow and crossbones - Elsie bangle - VioletBow and crossbones - Lucie bangle - Lilac Bow and crossbones - Elsie bangle - Salmon  Bow and crossbones - Lena bangle - Lilac 

Raglan Blouse Regency Fuschia

Raglan Blouse Regency Fuschia by vivien of holloway


As the pattern in this beauty is fabulously bold, we wanted to keep it quite simple with the colours in the stack - so for this we chose all Elsie bangles:

We created a palette with Green, Chartreuse, Violet & Dark Green, which sits beautifully with the shades in this print. You could very easily add 2 of our Lucie Starburst Bangles in Pale Pink, if you're a fan of sky high stacking!

Bow And crossbones - Elsie Hoops - Dark Green

Bow and crossbones - Elsie bangle - Violet  Bow And crossbones - Elsie bangle - Green Bow And crossbones - Elsie bangle - Chartreuse  Bow And crossbones - Elsie bangle - Dark Green

Raglan Blouse Posy Green

Raglan Blouse Posy Green by Vivien of Holloway

To continue the sultry summer tones of this print into the accessories we picked pieces from across two of our collections. Here we stacked Elsie Fakelite Bangles in Wine, Lena in Sky Blue, Elsie Fakelite in Black & Lena Bangles in shade Apple.

Now we selected our Elsie Fakelite Hoop Earrings in Wine to continue you the pop of colour, but if you were after that classic bombshell look you could style up this print with our Lana Hoops!

Bow & Crossbones - Elsie Banlge and earrings  -WineBow And crossbones - Lena Bangle - Sky BlueBow & Crossbones - Elsie Banlge -Black Bow & Crossbones - Lena Banlge - Apple Green   Lana Classic gold and silver rockabilly hoops

Raglan Blouse Regency Pumpkin

Now this is one of my faves!! The selection of warm tones in this blouse make me so happy! Perfect for Summer or even as we move into Autumn/Fall!

We feel this print needs a bumper stack! 

So we started the look at the ears - teaming this Pumpkin pretty with the Terracotta Chunky Hoop Earrings from our Bark Collection. Then in the stack from top to bottom we have: Elsie Fakelite Bangle in Chartreuse, Elsie Fakelite Bangle in Dark Green, the fabulous carve of our Bark Collection Bangle in Terracotta, our Elsie Fakelite Bangle in Olive & finally Elsie in Burnt orange!

Click the pics to get yours!

Bow and crossbones bark earrings - Terracotta

 Bow and crossbones Elsie bangles - Burnt OrangeBow and crossbones Elsie bangles - Olive greenBow and crossbones bark bangles - TerracottaBow & Crossbones Elsie carved bangle Dark green Bow & Crossbones - Elsie carved bangle Chartreuse     

Are you as obsessed with colour as us? Do you like to play with shades? Which of Vivien's prints is YOUR fave?

Let us know in the comments!


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