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We all know the terrible plight of the animal and human tragedy taking place in Australia since the fire season started in late July 2019. If you want to find the latest information on what's happening, just click HERE.

Here at B&C we want to make it as easy as possible for all you Beauties to offer what you can to help... AND as an added bonus - we want to give you a chance to snag some goodies for yourself! Read on for more details.

Firstly, we've piled together this little list of charities we'd love you to help;

Wires Wildlife Rescue Emergency Fund -

Fly By Night Bat Clinic -

The PortMacquarie Koala Hospital -


The Rescue Collective -

Adelaide Koala Rescue -

Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief -

Want a Chance to Win?

    1. Donate a minimum £5 directly to any of the charities listed above 
    2. Email a screenshot of your confirmed donation to

That's it! Submit as many donations as you like - each donation screenshot will count as an entry and a separate chance to win. We want to throw the net far & wide to get as many donations in directly to these charities as possible! We’ve got posts on all our social channels about this competition, so if you know anyone who was maybe on the fence about donating - just point them our way. We’ve carefully chosen these charities and all donations go straight to their vital work… PLUS you get a chance to win for yourself!

On 07/02/2020 we will randomly select 12 winners!

2 Selected Beauties will win a £75 Giftcard!

10 Selected Beauties will get a Mystery Goodie Bag worth £30!

Remember: Our Aussie Fires Charity Competition is open worldwide - Get your donation confirmation screenshots over to by Midday 07/02/2020 - As a Mystery Goodie Bag Winner your winnings will be selected from many ranges, including bestsellers from previous seasons. We'll be in touch to find out your bangle size and further details!

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