Introducing Sweetpea & Diva!

Introducing Sweetpea & Diva!

Back in Late July, we reached out to our Beauties around the world for feedback on our sizing. We truly believe that Every Body Deserves to Feel Fabulous, so we wanted make sure we were coming through on that promise to ourselves!

Thanks to your input (and patience as we got these into production) we're very pleased to announce our TWO new sizes... 

Sweetpea & Diva!!


Bangle Size Guide including new Sweetpea & Diva sizes

Chart showing our new sizes - Sweetpea & Diva


Sweetpea is for those slender-handed Beauties who find Princess size a little too big. A petite-sized bangle measuring approx 5.8cm internal diameter. The slight reduction in diameter makes it comfortable to build your stack entirely from Sweetpea or to use just one Sweetpea as the final piece to hold your precious Princess stack in place.

Then for our Divas out there - our new approx 7.3cm internal diameter offers a slightly more accommodating fit than our Goddess. Ideal for Beauties who need that little extra room or to allow your stacks to reach greater heights.

We're introducing these sizes on all our Fall shades! So we'll be bringing you all-new Elsie Bangle & Earrings in Burnt Orange, Chartreuse, Peacock, Olive Green, Holly Berry Red & Wine! Brand new Ivy Vines in shade Pecan, plus the return of favourites Hazel (more on those in a mo!) and some fresh Pearlised Lucie Starburst shades!

New Elsie shades for Fall!

Our new Elsie shades coming to our Oct 2nd 2020 Big Friday Night In at 8pm (bst)


 Ivy Vines in shade Pecan

 Ivy Vines new Pecan shade!


Lucie Starburst in Pearlised Green

 Lucie Starburst Bangles in Pearlised Green -
also available in Pearl, Pearlised Red & solid shades like Ice Blue, Damson & Chestnut!


    We're absolutely jazzed to announce the return of our Hazel style for 2020 - in three fabulous new shades Tortie, Neptune & Pecan! Neptune is a fantastic marbled Blue, so rich! Tortie is full of those swirls we love set in a warm amber tone & Pecan is a delicious chocolate-y brown shade. All the new shades have matching earrings available & feature the carving style you love from Hazel!

    A selection of Hazel Bangles in new shades Tortie, Neptune & Pecan

    A selection of Hazel Bangles in Tortie, Neptune & Pecan


    Also landing on the site we have:

    • Boris Spider & our Ghoul Earrings arriving with matching necklaces
    • Our Lillianna Hand Brooch gets a Witchy makeover with co-ordinating Witchy Moon Earrings!
    • Our spinning DOT Double Hoops will get all-new Heather Purple & Green colour combos.

    These & more will be going live at 8pm (BST) on Friday 2nd October so don't forget to bookmark: 

    Don’t Miss Out!

    With the arrival of Sweetpea & Diva, plus these all-new shades - we'd love to hear your feedback! What's catching your eye?


    P.S. In this initial launch, the Pick n Mix listing won’t be available for Sweetpea & Diva. If you’re buying them, you can add 3 of your Sweetpea or Diva size in the new styles to the cart and a discount will be automatically applied.

    This automatic discount will apply for the Sweetpea and Diva sizes only - Princess, Queenie & Goddess sizes will still discount via the Pick n Mix listings directly as usual.

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