High Rockabilly - squeezing out the last bit of sun!

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Howdy Folks!
At Bow and Crossbones HQ we are coming to the end of our UK Summer Show Season and at time of year we are gearing up for one of our favorite events High Rockabilly.

High Rockabilly takes place in Calafell a great Costa Dorada town in Catalonia about 60km south of Barcelona. The town really embraces the festival as you can see!


The festival runs over five days with street parties, pool parties beach bar parties and that doesn't even cover the official night time venue!
This year we are looking forward to catching a glimpse of
The Planet Rockers

 Ruby Ann -

 The Montesas
 and Marti Brom

One of the reason we love it so much is that the main festival venue only opens in the evening so we get to enjoy  some sun, sea and sand!
When we go on holiday the weather is always good! (Crossing finger and praying)
High Rockabilly usually provides us with 28 degrees and sun sun sun so there are some summer staples essential to looking and feeling good in Spain!

If you read our last blog you know we love a head scarf!

We love a good dip in the sea but wet and pin curl sets do not mix! The addition of a head scarf or bandana keeps the water off your hair and adds to your beach look.


A parasol will give you some much needed shade poolside and keep some of the strongest sun off your face. They are also really useful when the beach umbrellas are all sold out! Our parasols come in a range of beautiful colours  to offset your best play suits and swimwear!
Don't forget your Sunglasses!


Not only will they protect your eyes from UVA rays they will prevent other festival goers from seeing how many of these you had at Bora Bora Tiki Cocktail Bar the night before!


If you want to continue the summer theme to the beach the next day and the plastic bottle is just not cutting it then you need one of our Pineapple or Palm tree Party Cups! The lids mean you can take them into the ocean with you and no sand will ruin your Mai Tai!
This summer we have a fantastic collaboration with You're Naked Without One.


We sourced a small consignment of Vintage Bell Shaped, Asian Style Hats that had been sitting unloved and badly tie dyed! We have given these hats a new lease of life with new colours and some fantastic trims.
This shape of hat is really hard to find and we wanted to make sure no two hats were the same for our customers.

There is a small selection available on our site- the rest will be coming to High Rockabilly with us before going back on to our website. Don't miss them because once they are gone they an never be repeated!

Our feet barely touch the ground after High Rockabilly before we are so excited to be off to Las Vegas for a brand new weekender The Rockabilly Rock Out!!!!!

We are really excited to be taking part in the first Rock Out in the USA!
We are working really hard on our beautiful Reproduction 50s jewellery to bring sparkly, shiny set to off set your finest evening wear.


Have a look at what Dollie The Rockabilly Socialite had to say in her lovely review of Bow and Crossbones!

Photos by Dollie.

We are looking forward to watching
The Rhythm Shakers

Young Jessie

The Rip Em Ups

Phew! We have amazing few months coming up and cannot wait to see lots of your faces and meet you all over the world!!!

Bye for now!!!

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