Summer Time Fun - Square Chiffon Scarves

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Howdy Folks! Phew what a scorcher!
We have truly been blessed with some beautiful weather this British Summer time.
The weather has been pretty perfect for our Summer Festival season and
it has been great to see so many of you adding Bow and Crossbones to your
Summer looks.

You have been loving our summer staple Fans, Parasols, Novelty Pineapple
and Palm tree drinking cups, summer dresses and lots and lots of beautiful


We want to take a moment shine a spotlight on one of our favorite summer
accessory – The Scarf!


Chiffon Head Square -there is a scarf for everyone.
A folded bandana tied around your head is an instant touch of retro
glamour. It is an easy style that can be casual or dressy and a fast way to
deal with your hair!
A sash scarf can be used in the same way as a bandana for a softer look, can
be tied in a billowy bow for a cutesy look.
If your look for the day is Riviera Chic then tying the sash at the back of the
head and letting the length flow free is a great option.
Sash scarves also look great tied around your neck.
Being fans of 1950s style we spend more time than we care to admit on
styling our hair into precisely coiffed vintage hairstyles.
Pin Curls or rollers give us the best long lasting results but a head full of
pink foam tubes all over our head is hardly the look we are going for!
The best way we have found to deal with this problem is with a classic scarf
from the past – the chiffon square!
Now these sheer squares come in lots of colours to match your hair, your
rollers, your outfit or just your football team and can be tied neatly over
your rollers or pin curls whilst they marinade taking your look from Nora
Batty to Joan Holloway is a few seconds.
Here is the gorgeous Miss Jessica Holly wearing one of ours in black. Just a
few strategically placed bobby pins will keep your pre-styling under wraps
and protected until you are ready to brush that style out.
Now she has had a lot of practice tying her scarf- if you need some guidance
there is fantastic webpage that breaks down loads of scarf styles into easy
to follow diagrams. Before you know it you will be making scarves part of
your daily look!
Our Video Coming soon!
As always you can find us at
If you are out and about at any shows we can be found here in the next few
B&C Team xox

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