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October Update Welcome Dora!

Howdy Folks!

It has been a while! I have been busy working on a new look for Bow and Crossbones and some really exciting new stock!

A big thank you to everyone who shopped in our Flash Sale at the start of the month.

flash sale packages
It is my pleasure to introduce you to Dora the new face of Bow and Crossbones.
Dora Banner
Dora is a big part of the  new streamlined website for easier shopping and a fresh look for Bow and Crossbones I hope you like it.

We really missed the Spanish Rockabilly Weekender High Rockabilly this year and we are so happy to hear of its return next year. The Blood Super Moon has kept the UK fairly mild and sunny so far but we really need a Palm Tree Fix - keep your eyes peeled for some cool new pieces that have been inspired by my craving for tropical sunshine and glorious vintage fashions!
fakelite jewellery bangles earrings brooches sneak peek
We are running an amazing joint competition in collaboration with Freddies of Pinewood check out our Instagram page for details and give it a try.

So October is one of my favourite month- I was born in October so was my Mum so all the best people!.
Halloween is so popular here now which is good news for the Rockin' crowd as there are some really great nights on where you can show off your best vintage costume ideas.

I will probably be ripping up the dance floor in London at Castin' My Spell at Nambucca. The Rapier and Bow and Crossbones favourite Pip Pip and the Swags.
Casting My Spell at Nambucca

I have been trawling Pinterest for costume ideas  wanting to keep it simple and have been inspired to compile this list of simple costume options which can be accessorized with some great items from Bow and Crossbones!

Rosie the Riveter- Okay it maybe a simple one but you could dress it up to be Zombie Rosie? Either way we have the Bandana or Scarves you need to make it right.

Retro Barbie - She loves a drop hoop earring which is great - we have lots of options!

 Slim Kitten Sunglasses

Priscilla Gold Hoops

The classic Sugar Skull, Dia De Los Muertos face is a great option, we have plenty of Mexican themed pieces to really set it off. Have look at this selection.

Here is a really simple face paint tutorial that breaks it down.

If you wear any of your Bow and Crossbones Accessories for Halloween we would love to see you- tag us on instagram. @bowandcrossbones

Have a Happy Halloween Everyone!

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