7 Things You Might Not Know About B&C

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You probably think you know Bow & Crossbones pretty well. After all, we’re a fairly open book! We love to share the ins & outs, and upcomings, and throwbacks of life in the independent jewellery business. But did you have any idea that B&C is full of musical talent? Or that every single order is handled by our own fair hands? Or that B&C has Grrrl Power? It's all true! So read on, and learn 7 things you probably didn't know about Bow & Crossbones.



Our Elsie Bangles
  1. We keep it In-House…

B&C HQ is an actual place! We don’t have a warehouse processing orders - we do everything from product shots to postage (and helluva lot of production) in-house. This means we’re hands on, checking and packing each order. So if you place an order and want to make any alterations within a few hours, you can send us a message and we’ll try our best to grant your wishes. Real people, handling real products, in real-time. There’s no automation to get in your way - Just say no to the computer saying no!


  1. We run an Pride-Friendly Team…

From the Boss Lady through Ops to Press - Bow & Crossbones is a squad of fierce femmes with a host of pronouns - all ready to talk bangles at the drop of a hat! Although, we’re all femmes - this isn’t policy though, we’re sure if the right gent with a passion for vintage jewellery appeared he’d be welcomed with a shower of confetti lucite charms. Wait…actually, that sounds like it might hurt.


Photographer: Retro Photo Studio
  1. Our Boss Lady is proudly Mixed-Race…

Cam is proud of her British-Caribbean heritage, we make no secret of being a black owned business. So why did this make number 3 on our list? Well, our gorgeous founder can be a little camera-shy at times and then when we do post a pic of her, people seem to assume she’s a hired model. Nope. She really is that beautiful.


  1. We make the Planet, Our Business…

Another thing that’s not really a secret - we’re all eco-lovers! We’ve been working on improving our sustainability for some years now. Switching our packaging and products to make recycling even easier. We think of this as second nature though, so we don’t tend to shout about it. At the end of the day - we should all be doing what we can to help keep the planet healthy. You can read more about what we’re working on HERE though.


  1. Cam is a kinda Rolling Stone…

And not the Mick Jagger kind. Growing up as a self-confessed Army Brat, meant that our Boss Lady moved around. A LOT! She still gets the urge to wander on a fairly regular basis. In fact, so far in 35 years of life - Cam has moved 34 times! 


  1. We could start a Jazz Band…

If wanted to, we really could! Cam played the violin, Taz played the saxophone (and has a mean set of pipes) and Carley played the recorder growing up. We’re not saying it’d be a *great* jazz band, but it could keep us entertained. Maybe we’ll take bookings for weddings and weekenders? Or on second thoughts, we’ll just stick to creating the best authentic reproduction jewellery and accessories on the scene. Yeah, that’s probably best.


  1. Our designs come Straight from the Heart…

All our designs come from Cam’s fabulous mind! Even those inspired by vintage pieces, go through a lengthy design process as Cam adds her flair and finalises the details. In all honesty, the whole B&C team ALL have a real passion for the pieces we produce! The level of excitement when we have a finished item in front of us, is only two steps away from us all turning into heart-eyed emojis and melting on the floor.


And that’s it right?

Well, is it? We’d love to know if there’s anything you’ve ever wanted to know about B&C. Just head over to our Instagram and send us a message or watch out for the Genie’s next appearance in our Stories & tell us what you wish to see!


We best head off to practice a little ragtime jazz… or not.



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