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Miss Golden Lady is a social media star who's been featured by LA Weekly, Disney Style and Vogue to name just a few! Her instagram feed @missgolden_lady is filled with the fantastic looks she creates and characters she brings to life in ever more stylishly creative ways.

Using our exclusive Pinupbounding Collection she's truly spun her own fairytales and created two fantastic looks inspired by Disney's Mother Gothel from Tangled and Fuzzball - Micheal Jackson's furry companion from Captain EO. Each of her looks are steeped in historical references and we've fallen head over heels in love with both.

We chatted with the Golden One herself to find out a little more about her and her style inspirations;

First up, what do you do when you’re not putting together fabulous looks on Instagram? 
I am a buyer for a boutique Resale Shop.
You style such incredible character looks - what inspired you to start? 
What inspired me is them. I like to tell a story with my looks and giving characters a deeper and more meaningful story always warms my heart.
What is your favorite thing about building a look? 
My favorite thing is Research. Research. Research. I love to find out information that I didnt already know.


Any memorable Pinupbound or cosplays you’ve created? 

One of my favorites was the first African American Centaur from Fantasia. I loved my vintage 40's bralette top and my highwaisted mermaid skirt. It was perfect.


We loved Tinka, your Princess Tiana/Tinkerbell mashup! How was that received in real life? 

With such joy and excitement. People adore both characters so much so it was the best of both worlds.

 When you start thinking of a dapper look - how do balance you character’s influence and the fashion/design element? 

I balance it by really looking at all the elements involved and what will make the character have real life features.


In just a few words, how would you describe your passions to someone who has never heard of you? 
A lover of style with history behind it.
What would you say to encourage others who might want to start Pinupbounding? 
I would say start with something that inspires you, dont try to copy anyone else, you are special and do what makes you happy.


What do you see as the evolution for Disney, Pinupbounding and cosplay? 

I see people really digging deeper and taking a more style based approach rather than a costumey angle, which I love.

Thank you, Miss Golden Lady!


As these shots show, Miss Golden Lady has a regal air which infuses the characters she showcases, so you can see why B&C were eager to work with her in building Pinupbounding jewellery sets which complement the looks she created.

@missgolden_lady wearing our Dame Gothel bangle set

Our Pinupbounding Collection continues to go from strength-to-strength, with additional character inspirations constantly presenting themselves. Like Miss Golden Lady, we love to dig into the character. Into their history, their influences and revelling in the qualities that that creation expresses.

Mother Gothel may have been ruthless in maintaining her beauty but she was fiercely intelligent and a shrewd businesswoman. By bounding as her we can revel in a little villainy! Fuzzball is a fantastic yet underrated character. He shows a strength and bravery which belies his small stature and helps MJ's Captain EO to change the world for the better. We could all do with a little of that!

@missgolden_lady wearing our Change The World bangle set

Alongside these new additions to the range, we're also bringing you sets inspired by classic figures like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and the charming - if a little mad - Hatter. All going live on the site in our Big Friday Night In on November 15th 2019 at 8pm (GMT.) These new additions are the perfect foils to our bestselling Sea Witch Soul and The Dragon's Mistress jewellery sets.

Head straight to our Pinupbounding Collection to learn more! We can't wait to see you spin your own fairytales... and when you do - don't forget to tag us @bowandcrossbones and use the hashtags #bandcbeauties & #spinyourownfairytale so we can tell you how incredible you look!


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