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In case you missed it - we recently gave you 7 Things You Might Not Know about B&C and while we were thinking on all things B&C we realised there was one BIG thing that deserved it's very own post:

Bow & Crossbones has been around for over a decade!

Perhaps longer than a lot of you Rockin' gals and guys even know. Some of our gorgeous beauties have been with us since the beginning - back in 2008, but we've picked up so many lovely new pals we thought we'd give you a good ole flashback!

Now we're pretty sure everyone's familiar with Dora, our fab mascot...

a pile of Dora pin badges

She's not always been around though, so let's take you back to BD Times (Before Dora!)

The first incarnation of Bow & Crossbones was very literal and we don't have much in the way of original merchandise lying around. What we do have though is a very permanent reminder tattooed on Cam's leg.

black tattoo of a bow and crossbones on dark brown skin 

Glorious, isn't it? Just goes to show that where you start isn't necessarily where you'll finish. Evolution is a fantastic part of life in business.
And of course we didn't jump straight from this to where we are now. This theme even made an appearance on early website advertising. Could this be considered Dora's great grandma? We're not sure, but she's still got a certain flair!

While we plugged away a building the website, it didn't take long for us to get our feet under the table at all the weekenders and shows we love to visit! In fact, if you want to see where we'll be appearing in the next few months take a look HERE.

By 2010 we were taking B&C on a regular grand tour of shows, including trade events where we looked a little like this and B&C took on a decidedly tropical flair with our (now discontinued) wicker bags and hair flowers:


And for a good while there, even the website became a beach-y paradise! Check out the stash of parasols on our stall...

As we hurtled into the 2010s though, we decided we need to more than a nod to our atomic era roots and pulled together this gloriously googie logo and font design that you could expect to see wherever we popped up. 

With a little tweaking here and there the atomic boomerang design soon became this - which even adorned the official B&C Van...

Did that van ever put in the miles?! It took the business many road trips across Europe to some of the best shows we could find - including the always fabulous High Rockabilly in Calafell.

But of course, this little trip in our time machine wouldn't be complete with bringing it back round to Dora!

She's been the face of B&C since 2015 and doesn't look to be going anywhere any time soon! She's appeared at more shows than we can count and now she pops up in every single Bow & Crossbones order - do you have your Dora pin?

B&C want to give a huge thanks to everyone that's supported the business over the years! We also hope that taking a little wander down memory lane helps to show just a little of the work and growth that goes into this glamorous business!

What's next for B&C? Well, we have to keep some things under wraps but keep up with us here, on our social channels or even sign up to our mailing list to stay in the loop! As always you can check out our latest goodies HERE and don't forget to stay tuned for next Big Friday Night In




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