Friday is the BIG NIGHT-IN!

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Staying in is the new going out!

Or at least, so they say.

Don't get us wrong - we love to put on our glad rags and hit that dance floor for a night long (or day long!) bop session! After all, that's exactly how we get to meet so many of you lovely B&C Beauties! But there's something to be said for grabbing your closest pals, slapping on a facemask, piling onto the sofa and snuggling under your favourite blanket for an epic boxset of a Friday night.

Sounds pretty good, right?


Vintage kiss-lock bag

Well, Friday nights may well have just got even better!! Because now, when you're all settled into the best cozy spots and the pizza is on it's way - you'll be able to shop the very latest in Bow & Crossbones' lines!

Friday is the night and 8pm is the time - the newest B&C products and ranges will be hitting the website! Everything from fresh authentic reproduction designs to our exclusive vintage finds will only be available online from 8pm! Which means you're going to have to be quick off-the-mark with some of our more limited pieces!

Really... Why risk missing out? Sure, that cocktail offer down at that new speakeasy sounds tempting but that mattress of yours sure is appealing too... plus, you could always go next weekend, all dressed up in your new Bow & Crossbones finery?!  Why not join us for our BIG NIGHT-IN and see what B&C treasures you can snap up?


shop original vintage here

So set your alarms for Friday at 8pm (BST), and have bookmarked on your phone - ready to go! Or better yet, grab Whatshername and tell her about the BIG NIGHT-IN! Oh, you know Whatshername! She can be a bit much but she's such a good friend, she's always really great at remembering things and you know how much she likes to keep you all organised!

Whatshername can bring the face packs and wine - we'll bring you the best authentic vintage repro, original vintage pieces and novelty antique accessory finds that the internet has to offer!


Fridays at 8pm (BST)

See you there! I'll be the one in the grey onesie...


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