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Diving into Delicious Colour!

BIG NIGHT-IN new product New Stock Rockabilly Party!

What a month of Big Friday Night's In it has been! But we know you're rockin' gal on the go - so we're gonna keep this short and sweet. Are you ready to see a round-up of all the pretties we've been throwing your way? You are? Let's GO!

We've had a slew of new old stock hit the website, including brooches, belts and barrettes. All original vintage and in amazing condition! The majority of our true vintage barrettes and pins are still on their original backing cards so they look incredible even as display pieces. Check the listing when you buy, to be sure.


Vintage Bow Barrettes


We've also had a huge range of new colours added to many of our classic ranges like - Justine, Lisa-marie and Amelia earrings, our Grace bangles, and our Imogen and Hazel jewellery sets. There's some new Hot Pinks in the mix, some gorgeous Chartreuse to stack with and the new sparkle shades... OH MY! The new sparkle shades!

Grace Bangles in Purple Blue


The Snake Charmer range has even got in on the new hue action! Including dear old Sally who is now available in a rich red and a refreshing Apple Juice shade to match the Snake Charmer earrings. Simply gorgeous and perfectly cast to create incredible stacks!

Shades of Snake Charmer


Then, of course... Corday now comes in a beautiful range of stunning transparent colours AND we have a Limited Edition 'LUCKY NUMBER 7' Spider bangle! Available exclusively in the thicker bangle style, it features a seven-legged spider to bring you good luck over the Halloween season.



Speaking of Halloween! The first pieces from our collaboration with Kate Costigan stuck their way into the last Big Friday Night In... and aren't they spooktacular? They're giving this blogger some superbly glam witchy vibes and I LOVE IT!

Bow & Crossbones vs Kate Costigan


There's so much more to explore so click here to see everything that's landed in our Big Friday Night In! Don't forget, the new listings go live on the website every Friday at 8pm, so bookmark the link and be the first to shop! 

We'll be jetting off to High Rockabilly over the next few weeks but not to worry! Website shipping will be unaffected as our glamourous office girls will taking over and keeping everything shipshape here. If you're joining us in Calafell, please say hi! We do love to see all our B&C Beauties dressed up and ready to bop!

And if you're skipping this trip - we'll be updating across our social media, so you can see what we're getting upto... some good rockin' fun, no doubt!

See you soon, Lovelies!


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