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No. We simply won't apologise for the bad pun in this title. It's Halloween season and this little blogger has never met a bad pun she didn't like! We're particularly fond of spooky bad puns and as those are ghosting around this time of year, we thought'd we'd pluck one from it's grave! (Thank you, thank you!)

Now, not that we've kept this collaboration a top secret, but we thought it was high time to give you a look at our Limited Edition range of Halloween jewellery designed with illustrator Kate Costigan.


Salem Kitteh Earrings and Brooch

 Black cats are where it's at! A symbol of luck (good or bad, depending on where you're from,) Black cats have a long association with Halloween, so it just wouldn't be right to have a Halloween range that didn't include them. Our Salem Kitteh brooches have a choice of colours and those earrings? Oh Em Gee, those earrings!


Celeste Witch Brooch

...And what follows the Black cat but the beautiful witch? Witches and Halloween go together like caramel and apples. They are the wise women that stand at the edge the darkness and bring balance... they also look awesome as brooches!


Jack Pumpkin

Of course, it wouldn't be Halloween without Jack! Another traditional way to light the darkness and celebrate the all the goodies that the Fall Harvest brings. There's just something so delicious about this set though. The colour! The plump textures! Jack's little toothy face! We love it!



Bad Barbie Hoops - Moon

These beauties are one of the first pieces we announced from this collection but they still deserve their place on this little rundown! The glam Bad Barbie hoops (and their sisters the Bad Cindy Star hoops) are some of the best selling pieces from the entire collaboration. Ooh! But look at them! Bringing some moon-loving witchy vibes!


Morticia Hand Brooch

Speaking of moon-loving (smooth segue, I know!) ...these Morticia Hand brooches seem to have leapt straight from the illustrator's page and onto your body, ready to add that creepy-cute finish to your outfit! Remember a Morticia Hand is not just for Halloween - there's something perfectly Glamour Ghoulish about this brooch.



Victor Bat Range

OH! And Victor! Victor the bat features across earrings, brooches and bangles! So cute! Not to mention Victor bangles come in all three of our sizes - Princess, Queenie and Goddess - see our sizing guide for details! 

There's much more in the collaboration, so take a look at the whole collection here!

Next time, we'll be pulling out the last minute party preparations for your spooky celebrations! We're talking our favourite Halloween tipples and supernatural snacks because no one throws a party like a Crossbones' Party.

See you soon


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