Happy Halloween!

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Well yes, we know its not quite Halloween yet! But it is the last party weekend before the big day so we thought we'd throw together a bunch of ideas to get your spooky weekend swinging...


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That's quite enough gushing about how awesome you Beauties are - let's get our B&C Bash going shall we?


Pumpkin Carving Stencil

There's not much more satisfying than taking a pumpkin and giving him that classic Jack-o-Lantern smile, but for those of us feeling adventurous in our carving skills there's a wealth of stencils out there! We found Frankenstein Brides, and Pinup Girls, and even wildly complicated Marilyn portraits. You could even create your own personalised stencil and use that! Once you know what you want your pumpkin art to look like, Learn How To Make Bows has an excellent tutorial on how to realise your stencil to pumpkin vision!

Then there's nothing more to do than show it off! Carve a few and have them scattered around your party... stand back and listen to the oohs and ahhs of your revellers as they admire your glorious contribution to the squash family art world!



Vampire Kiss Martini

So we can't have a party post without at least one cocktail - HERE'S TWO. You're welcome! The Vampire Kiss Martini is a thoroughly grown up number full of champagne bubbles and luscious raspberry. Oh yes, and vodka. Lovely, lovely vodka. Whereas the Spiked Pumpkin Pie Punch is a different beast. More of a cozy sip with it's cream soda base, ice cream top and oh wait... vodka. Lovely, lovely vodka.

Spiked Pumpkin Pie Punch


Spooky Movie Night

Drive-in Movie

If you're thinking a full-on party would be a bit too well, full-on - then why not grab a few of your closest pals and have a scary movie night? Hook yourself up with popcorn, sweets from your candy cart (below) and a little Spiked Pumpkin Pie Punch then settle in for some frights. Oh, and if you arrange it for Friday it would also happen to coincide with our Big Friday Night In... so you could sneak a little shopping in together while you're at it?! Just an idea...


 Frightening Food

Trick or treat is the one the highlights of the Halloween season but if you feel a little too old to troll the neighbourhood, you could always set up your own little cart full of sweet treats. Sugar & Charm has some gorgeous suggestions for turning a spare bar cart into an array of spooky goodness! Throw your jelly worms into a scientific beaker for some instant spooky and cred. Obviously, your party people might want to have a little something to munch on that's a little less cavity-inducing.

There's an absolute trove of savoury spook-snacks across the internet! The easiest way to get your tastebuds terrified (in the best way) is to grab some pizza dough, pep up the flavours with tomato, basil and strong cheese, then shape into bones or maybe eyeballs - before baking. One of our favourite finds though, are these Witch Fingers from Cook Like a Champion! Click the link to get the recipe.

Witch Fingers


 One more bite...


Poison Toffee Apples

We wouldn't want anyone to walk away from our B&C Bash empty-handed! And who could resist a glossy black toffee apple?! The recipe over on Simply Delicious is alarmingly easy to do and the final snack is almost too lush to eat... almost. We're still going to.

Everyone at B&C HQ wishes every single one of you Beauties a safe, fun and happy time over Halloween and for those celebrating upcoming Dia de los Muertos - ¡Amor para siempre!

See you on the other side...



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