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For those choosing to celebrate - Thanksgiving is, in general, a huge feast to give thanks for the fruits of that year's bountiful harvest. It's celebrated across the USA in November (22nd this year to be exact), and plenty of other places around the world take time to celebrate gratitude at this time of year too.

It’s always a great idea to reflect on the things in life that we are glad to have. Here at B&C HQ we have a lot to be grateful for ...if you're reading this then YOU, my lovely, are one of the many things we're incredibly thankful to have around us.

So we're taking a little timeout to shoutout and say TA! to just a few of the internet's finest who have been spreading some Bow & Crossbones positivity.

"My husband and I share wishlists for occasions in which gifts are exchanged. It just makes things easier. I recently came across the etsy shop Bow and Crossbones, they do reproduction vintage jewelry that mimic old bakelite and Lucite gems. My husband has great taste and ordered me this set for Christmas." 


8-Bit Pinup


"Some of my favourite pieces include the Claudette teardrop mobile earrings, where you can have contrasting colours and as little or as much sparkle as you like. You also can’t go wrong with the Joyce dome earrings which add that bit of vintage glamour to any outfit.

With so many reproduction jewellery companies popping up around the world nowadays, it is hard to decide who to give your custom to. Bow & Crossbones offer great value for money..."

inretrospect mag


"Keeping with the accessories theme, we visited Bow & Crossbones and chatted to designer in chief, Cam. Again, these earrings are pretty much weightless and the range of colours in both Bakelite and ‘fakelite’ are stunning. With Bow & Crossbones, you can go as novelty as you like and there is plenty for the days when you just cannot get away with a pair of hamburgers in your hair. I have my eye on the faux tortoiseshell pieces to wear with white dresses and over-sized headwear this summer."

Restoration Cake


Thank you so much for saying nice things! 

Well, I guess while I'm here I'll let you in on a (not-so) secret... to say a big thanks to all you Lovelies - we're going to be hosting 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS! Keep your eyes on the Instagram feed @bowandcrossbones to get the scoop on the Christmas bargains.

See you soon


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