Hello to 2019!

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Who made it through the holidays AND still fits into their favourite vintage pants? Not this blogger, that's for sure. There was a price to pay for all that cheese, chocolate, roast dinners and pudding - that price was the button on my best capris. But I'd do it all again in a heartbeat!



As for your New Year parties... we asked on our Instagram page what your plans were and 87% of you said you were planning on a chilled gathering. We're really hoping you take the opportunity to drench yourself in sparkles and welcome 2019 in style, with all your favourite people.

Then obviously there's the making of those New Year's Resolutions! Personally, it's not something I indulge in but I were to, then mine would look something like this...

In 2019 I will celebrate my fabulousness! Whether I'm dressed down for breakfast or to the nines for dinner - I will completely embrace my awesome self for all she's worth. I'm thinking Eartha Kitt style ease and sass! I know I don't need to but BY GOSH! am I going to dress myself in the fanciest fancies whenever I get the chance. Perhaps I should start with our glamourous Lucite range, yes?



In 2019 I will express myself creatively in as many ways as I can! ...and amongst other things that means STACKS. Is there anything more satisfying than elevating your outfit with armfuls of bangles?

I'll let you in on a secret - I've been hanging around a long while now and I've seen you on Instagram. You guys know how to style your B&C goodies! I have the great pleasure of seeing your infinitely creative ways of putting together our bangles and brooches and frankly, I'M INSPIRED! Should anyone else need to up their bangle game (like me!) then don't worry... we've got you, boo!



Finally; In 2019 I will show even more support for the lovely folk around me! Now I say 'even more' because everyone here at B&C HQ is pretty darn awesome and as anyone who has interacted with us will know - we love to support everyone in the vintage and rockabilly community. That does mean that when we rock up to any of the weekenders and parties on the calendar, we can spend as much time chatting and planning as we spend behind the stall. But it also means we get to be part of a big old rocking' family. PLUS there's all the fantastic #bandcbeauties who I hang out with online! 2019 is going to be the year of friendships, both old and new.

Some of our favourite babes
l-r @officialberniedexter, @missdixiedomino, @banannasour


So that's what MY non-New Year's Resolutions look like. What are yours? Do you even do your own resolutions? Or do you just get on with making those changes? Whatever you choose to do with 2019 - everyone here wishes you a year full of fun, health and sparkles!

Happy New Year!


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