Are you a Princess, a Queenie or a Goddess?

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Talk is cheap, but words are important!

We know that you are not the sum total of your parts but we also know, from first-hand experience just how disheartening it can be to feel like you’re shopping from the special section or being told flat-out that a company just can’t cater your shape. That’s why here at B&C HQ we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how to make sure that everyone feels well cared for.

That includes carefully naming our sizing...

L-R; @swiczeniuk, @Alison_exotic_doll, @absfabsx, @cacaopapow, @cherry_rat

Here is a small selection of our gorgeous customers and we want every single one of you B&C beauties to feel comfortable, as well as confident in our designs! That’s why, where possible, we’re producing our bangles in 3 different sizes, tailored to fit all of your beautiful body shapes.

Are you ready to meet our sizes?

Esteemed guests, Bow & Crossbones is proud to introduce you to Princess, Queenie and Goddess!

Each size has a slightly different diameter to allow for different sized hands and wrists to slip through comfortably.

hazel bangles in pale pink and ivory stacked with a single thin Corday bangle with hazel earrings to right of shot

shop the Hazel range


Maybe you have a dainty wrist, or a smaller hand and you find that ‘regular’ sized bangles feel like they slide down too far.

The Princess size bangle measures approx 6cm internal diameter. That little reduction in the size of wrist hole makes them perfect for the more petite person! Either build your stack entirely from Princesses or use just one Princess as the final piece to hold your Queenie sized bangle stack in place.


That’s a TOP TIP that works across the other sizes too!

Want to stack further onto your forearm, say maybe with our Goddess sized bangles? But then they feel loose around your wrist? Then you could easily hold your stack in place with a…

grace bangles in red, mint and black with gold thread - held by hand

shop the Grace range


Our Queenie size bangle measures approx 6.5cm internal diameter. 

The moderate sizing means she fits the majority of lovelies so this is the easiest size to find in stock - but there’s nothing common about Queenie. She is the mid-sized queen of the court after all!

Perfectly stackable all on her own, or held securely by a Princess, or used to hold your Goddess stack - she’s a very versatile member of our royally sized family.

two thick Corday bangles stacked

shop the Corday range


Do you have slightly larger assets? Perhaps you have been blessed with ample features?

We’re talking about hands, of course lovelies. But we all know that sometimes you might just need a little more wiggle room for comfort! That’s where our Goddess size bangle comes in, measuring approx 7cm internal diameter, making her ideal for those beauties who prefer a more relaxed fit.

There's a super handy sizing chart here, if you need more guidance!



Bow & Crossbones has had the pleasure of being around for… well… shall we say, a little while now. 

Along the way we’ve picked up some really nifty tips and tricks for caring for your fakelite, reproduction and original vintage jewellery. Such as, the Bag Trick! 

If you don’t know the bag trick, it’s a really simple way of wearing jewellery that maybe you thought you couldn’t before. Sometimes bangles - even at the optimum size - can get slightly stuck when it comes to knuckles. Also, some of our designs have internal carving which as beautiful and authentic as it is - it can sometimes be a little tricky to slide into place on your arm. That's where the Bag Trick comes in!

Simply take a plastic carrier bag or even a nylon hold-up and place your hand inside, like a sock puppet. The bangle should then slide easily over the bag or nylon and onto your wrist. Repeat with each bangle as necessary, then remove the bag and Voila! you've got your Stack of the Day!

We have a quick split-second tutorial on our instagram page here but a series of more in-depth videos will be coming very soon - filled with more tips on how to get the best from your B&C treasures.


Let’s get stacking, lovelies!


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