The Story of Sally Snake

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Hello Lovelies!

Those of you who keep a close eye on our instagram page will have noticed that a few weeks ago we were living it up at The Rockabilly Rave! If you’re not in the know about that little shindig then; a.) Where have you been? And b.) You can read all about it here.

While we were there we made sure to keep you up to date with every facet of our stall life, including showing everyone exactly what they would find when they came to see us there. So we put up this image: 

Then a ssstrange thing happened.

Within minutes of the post hitting our page we began to receive message after message, all of them asking the same questions… “Is that a snake necklace?” they said. “Where can I find it?” and “OMG! I have to have one of those snake necklaces!”

Understandably, at first we were a little taken aback! Obviously there’s a lot of pretty pretties to see in that picture but something had certainly caught the eye of you beauties. We soon realised that the Sally Snake Charmer Necklace had slithered her way onto the stand.

How sssneaky!

We’re so pleased that she has joined the Snake Charmer range! And it seems you are too!

Snakes are one of the earliest recurring motifs to be found in jewellery. From the Egyptian through to the modern day they have been given a host of meanings; The balance of good and evil, rebirth, and royalty. Snakes have always had a sensuous quality though. Translating the intricacies of their luxurious markings into the Snake Charmer bangles and earrings is our playful take on this ancient symbol.

Sally Snake herself even makes an appearance on some of the bangles in the range.

Each piece across the range is carved to reproduce that authentic vintage look. Not only are the Snake Charmers internally carved but the bangles have an added sumptuous quality in their side carved pattern. 

There’s something about so satisfying about the tactile quality of these pieces and the effect even extends to the earrings in the Snake Charmer range.

As translucent items the whole range catches the light so very beautifully, but also works incredibly well when combined with more solid pieces like the Hazel bangles in Green. Play the two off each other for themed-but not-matchy bangle stack? Why not?!

Of course, between the Sally Snake bangles coiled around your wrist, with added Snake Charmer pieces and earrings plus the addition of the necklace - there’s no reason not to go full Snake!

It’s altogether too much temptation for me!

This little blogger is going to cut the gas, drape herself in Snake Charmer goodness, wander around her pad and have herself a midcentury modern Cleopatra moment.

Have a serpentine good time, lovelies!


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