The American Dream!

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On July 4th, in 1776, the USA announced it's independence from Great Britain, drafting and adopting the Declaration of Independence, and saying "We don't want to party with you no more UK! We're going to have a party of our own!"  Thus the American public not only get a National Holiday every year, but they really know how to celebrate it! There's the open air concerts, the fireworks, the parades, the carnivals, the fireworks, the enormous community picnics, and let's not forget the barbecues and fireworks!

Now this might not be the most accurate description of USA Independence Day but at least we haven't started talking about that special July 4th back in 1996. (You know, when Will Smith battled the aliens who destroyed the White House.) Anyway, as this is such an important day for the land of the free and home of the brave, we can’t just let it pass us by here in Blighty!

So as America comes online today, we say...



We appreciate that we're a day late but we also know that for a lot of the US the party will keep on rolling this weekend! So enjoy your birthday, America!

Now, because nothing says Uncle Sam to us here at Bow & Crossbones HQ more than American muscle cars and Hotrods we have a selection of Rockwells Men's shirts (£17.00) celebrating speed shops and all things V8!

 Speaking of which, check out these stunning V8 necklaces! (£7.99)

Whilst we're on the subject of celebrating our American cousins, we are so excited about taking part in this year's Americana International. This annual event is the longest running festival of it's kind, taking place in Nottinghamshire, July 11th - 15th! It is an opportunity to celebrate American culture, music and CARS!

There will be rock n' roll a plenty and we'll be there for the whole event, so stop by and say 'Hi!'

B&C Team xox


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