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Celebrate the Summer!

Events & Holidays! FUN!

We're really feeling the joys of summer here at B&C HQ!

We've just about recovered from the Rockabilly Rave. We'd like to say thanks to everyone that helped us out or even just came to say 'hi!' It was a great weekend, full of faces - new and old! Seeing our pieces worn by Rockin' Lovelies is always a hit with us. So if you have any pics of you wearing Bow & Crossbones then tag us on Facebook or Tweet us your best pose!

Well now, lovelies! Seeing as today is the Summer Solstice, we thought we'd celebrate the longest day of the year by giving you the gift of Summertime drinking. Here's the recipe for a simple but gorgeous Strawberry Margarita we mentioned here, courtesy of the Press Team;


Strawberry Margarita (to share)

3/4 Pint of Lime Cordial
10-12 Strawberries
6-8 Fresh Basil leaves
One 50cl bottle of Tequila
Lime to garnish

Using a couple of Kilner jars or one enormous pitcher, dilute the Lime Cordial to taste (up to 1 Pint) with water. Add your tequila of choice. Now Taz-Taz from Press doesn't like to dilute her Lime too much, which of course means more Tequila per serving.

De-leaf and slice the strawberries. Try to make them pretty looking, but we're sure you won't mind too much after a glass or two. Crush the Basil leaves. Add the Strawberries and Basil to the jars/pitcher.

Cover the pitcher, or secure the lid on your jars. Place them in the fridge or just some place cool. Now wait! The Basil and Strawberries need a good few hours to release their flavour (and colour!) into the drink. It has to be said that overnight is best, if you're so inclined.

When you have a jar of lovely pale pink Margarita and you just can't resist any longer then simply serve with a slice of lime! If you're feeling fancy, you can sugar salt the glass rim.

Enjoy! Oh, and remember! Drink responsibly!

B&C Team xox

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  • Philemon on

    You know how we sometimes need a lttlie nudge to see in ourselves what has been a lttlie dormant, perhaps because the other things of life muddy the view sometimes? Debra, you have been that nudge, catalyst, SPARK that I’ve needed. Looking at the comments above, it seems you have played that role in a few women’s lives. Sartorially, I can get a lttlie stuck, and especially when age makes me second guess (“Does this eye makeup [hat, dress, etc.] look awful in my late 50s? I can’t even tell anymore…”). You are a liberating influence, Debra. Thank you! (Now, I only wish I looked like you…)

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