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Flying Out!

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Finally, it’s October! There is just too much year between Octobers, don’t you think? You know how much we love to fill our show year up with weekenders, festivals and rallies. Now we’ve done our last show of the year, we’re feeling a well-deserved rest is on the cards... but guess what? That’s just not going to happen! Instead, no sooner have Cam’s peeptoe wedges hit the Welcome Mat at B&C HQ than she’s packing her bags and flying out to the ole USA!
Bow & Crossbones Hitching a Flight
She’s going to be in L.A. until mid-November, soaking up some sunshine and sourcing some great new lines for Bow &Crossbones. It is a seriously exciting trip with will hopefully yield some seriously exciting stock! If you are in the area and know any rockin’ hotspots that you think Cam should be checking out, let us know?
Speaking of things that are flying out (geddit?) our spooky Skelemingoes have been popping up in all sorts of places. As lovers of kitsch, we have always had a soft spot for Halloween, so when given the opportunity to stock this seasonal themed version of the Classic Lawn Flamingo, we just couldn’t say no. Luckily, there’s still just enough time to get this unusual slice of Americana on your lawn before Halloween!
Of course, we know the celebrations don’t end with October 31st and the Skelemingoes happily sit alongside our HUGE range of Day of the Dead inspired pieces. Día de Muertos is celebrated in so many ways in different places around the world! Bow & Crossbones have bought some bright and beautiful pieces together for you to honour the occasion. You can shop the range here. Our range is bursting with flowers, sugar skulls and traditional Mexican design touches, plus kitsch little additions like these Day of the  Dead Candy Sugar Skull Candles...
Day of the  Dead Candy Sugar Skull Candles
Before we disappear on our broomsticks, we want take this opportunity to say thank you for all the great support we have received from the rockabilly and vintage community! You’ve all helped the site in so many ways and we look forward seeing old and new faces at next year’s shows. Please keep in touch with us here at B&C News or over at Facebook or Twitter because you can be sure we’ve got some great things coming before the year is out!


B&C Team


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  • Merve on

    fun to me, a touch of joy your eye can travel to on a draery Seattle day serving as a reminder that summer will come again some day. Lit up by the City, seems a bit flirty to me, asking to accompany that cute dress and sassy heels on a night out. Finally, Fade to White is that touch of sophistication every outfit is looking for. It’s hard for me to say which one I like the most because they all embody something so unique and in all honesty I’d be happy with any one of them.

  • Aejaj on

    Hello, Elisabeth!I foud your lovely insniripg blog last year and I adore it! This particular post really made me smile because my cottage vacation was exactly the same some friends leaving another ones arriving I can’t really complain, but the word vacation in my case is a bit overrated, I think :)And your cat Hiro is just super cute!Bests,Kertu

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