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Your chance to a WIN £100 GOODIE BAG!!

COMPETITION TIME FUN! News Rockabilly Party!

Get your Alternative Rockabilly Christmas going by entering our new competition!

All you have to do is share the link of your favourite product from our website and you could 


How much?!
First, find your favourite product at
Then head to the navigation bar and copy the address you find there...
AND THEN, paste your clickable link on our pages for a chance to win!

There are so many ways to enter as well!
You can literally paste your link in the comments below

  • HERE on this blog
  • OR our Facebook page
  • OR even on Twitter!

That's right! 3 CHANCES to enter!*

For example, your FB post could look something like this:

"I love this! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!"


Maybe this in the blog comments:

"Please put a in my goodie bag when I win! ;-D"


Then over on Twitter say:

"Dear @bowandcrossbone, I need a in my life!!"

One Lucky B&C Lovely will win a mixed goodie bag from Bow & Crossbones worth £100.00!! Who knows, your favourite item just might end up in there! 
Bow & Crossbones' Winners 
Hands up, who wants to win £100 worth of B&C treats?
Just think... £100 worth of Bow & Crossbones' goodies could be the perfect way to sort out your Christmas Shopping or just keep it all and treat yourself!
CLOSING DATE 15th NOVEMBER 2013!! *Maximum of 3 entries per person. Only one entry per social platform. Multiple entries on each media will not be entered. The winner will be chosen at random.  
Get Sharing and GOOD LUCK! 

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