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"...let us give you the inside scoop on how we came to provide our quality reproduction accessories to vintage guys and dolls around the globe."

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October Update Welcome Dora!

Howdy Folks!

It has been a while! I have been busy working on a new look for Bow and Crossbones and some really exciting new stock!

A big thank you to everyone who shopped in our Flash Sale at the start of the month.

flash sale packages
It is my pleasure to introduce you to Dora the new face of Bow and Crossbones.
Dora Banner
Dora is a big part of the  new streamlined website for easier shopping and a fresh look for Bow and Crossbones I hope you like it.

We really missed the Spanish Rockabilly Weekender High Rockabilly this year and we are so happy to hear of its return next year. The Blood Super Moon has kept the UK fairly mild and sunny so far but we really need a Palm Tree Fix - keep your eyes peeled for some cool new pieces that have been inspired by my craving for tropical sunshine and glorious vintage fashions!
fakelite jewellery bangles earrings brooches sneak peek
We are running an amazing joint competition in collaboration with Freddies of Pinewood check out our Instagram page for details and give it a try.

So October is one of my favourite month- I was born in October so was my Mum so all the best people!.
Halloween is so popular here now which is good news for the Rockin' crowd as there are some really great nights on where you can show off your best vintage costume ideas.

I will probably be ripping up the dance floor in London at Castin' My Spell at Nambucca. The Rapier and Bow and Crossbones favourite Pip Pip and the Swags.
Casting My Spell at Nambucca

I have been trawling Pinterest for costume ideas  wanting to keep it simple and have been inspired to compile this list of simple costume options which can be accessorized with some great items from Bow and Crossbones!

Rosie the Riveter- Okay it maybe a simple one but you could dress it up to be Zombie Rosie? Either way we have the Bandana or Scarves you need to make it right.

Retro Barbie - She loves a drop hoop earring which is great - we have lots of options!

 Slim Kitten Sunglasses

Priscilla Gold Hoops

The classic Sugar Skull, Dia De Los Muertos face is a great option, we have plenty of Mexican themed pieces to really set it off. Have look at this selection.

Here is a really simple face paint tutorial that breaks it down.

If you wear any of your Bow and Crossbones Accessories for Halloween we would love to see you- tag us on instagram. @bowandcrossbones

Have a Happy Halloween Everyone!

Celebrating 10 Years of B&C!!

Howdy Folks!
Welcome to a very special blog from me. I don't normally write this sort of post but Bow and Crossbones is celebrating a milestone this year. 10 Years making, designing and trading!

We are on Rockabilly Rave 19 Countdown!! Where we will be having a 4 day party on our stall.

If you are going,  keep your eyes peeled on our facebook and instagram pages where once a day we will announce a time and location around the Camber site where our Bow and Crossbones representative will be waiting to reward the fastest three customers with exclusive Golden Tickets!
Present the ticket at Bow and Crossbones stall for exclusive anniversary prizes.
Dont worry if you are not going as we will be running lots of competitions on our website in the next few weeks so everyone has a chance!

 For those of you who I have not had the pleasure of meeting in person at a festival, fair or event I am going to introduce myself.
My name is Cam Huggins, I am 30 years old living in Essex working from my home studio where I design, make and put together most of what Bow and Crossbones sells. I grew up living all  across the UK and Europe as an Army child and I think this has really prepared me to really enjoy the traveling saleswoman aspect of Bow and Crossbones.
 I was always a huge music fan drawn to Rock n Roll in various forms and the visual culture that goes with it.
I worked in the Tattoo Industry and in a Craft and Jewellery store in Birmingham but working for someone else wasn't for me and boredom led me to taking my first steps into designing jewellery.
The Alternative style  at the time was coming from EMO and my first pieces were full of Skulls , Lightening bolts and bows and inspired by traditional tattoo styling. My wonderful Mother came up with the company name when she saw what I was producing.

I sold my pieces on ebay and a small webshop in my spare time and took a rare day off to hang out with a visiting friend.
We went shopping and my friend insisted I ask a Vintage store owner if they might be interested in buying some of my stock. They snapped it up and before I knew it I was stocked in their stores all over the UK!
After 3 months I quit my job, took a stall at a Tattoo Convention and never looked back!

I still love what I do, I love how my company has evolved and allows me to work at some of the best Alternative events across the Europe.
Last year I did my first US event The Rockabilly Rockout in Las Vegas and am excited to be going back this year.

I am constantly inspired but the accessories of the past and spend hours researching and experimenting with new ways to create pieces for my customers.

Over the years I have a had lots of help from friends and family who have inspired me, encourage me, kicked me up the bum when I needed it.

Thanks for the last 10 Years to all of my customers, Here's to the next 50!

Love Cam xx

Happy Easter!

Howdy Folks,

So Easter time is looming large and in the UK that means a triple Bank Holiday!

There are some great events happening over Easter weekend with two major music and lifestyle events

Le Beat Bespoke 10 in London is a great event bringing together some of the best Psych, Beat, Rockbilly, R'N'B bands and DJS

This year Saturday 4th April has a Wild Records Revue with two of our favourite female singers performing.

Gizzelle and Marelene & The Rhythm Shakers
We will be taping our feet and shouting our support for these awesome musicians.

Meanwhile over the Atlantic Viva Las Vegas 18 will invade the tranquil surroundings of Las Vegas and fill it with the best Rock n Roll and Rockabilly music and lifestyle culture.
We will not be vending this year But Will be Next year! 
Here is a clip of how amazing the VLV Car Show is from Bow and Crossbones friend Dollie DeVille

Saturday Nights at Weekender events are traditionally the night where the folks bring our their Sunday Best-  Favourite Vintage dress, New to you shirt or suit and the best accessories.

Now when you have found your dream look for the evening it can be hard for you to match colours and styles. This is where we can help. As well as huge colour ranges in our accessories we also have a made to order and request custom options.
We have done custom sets for weddings too if you want to match your dress and bridesmaids. Drop us a line! Below is a small selection of styles that can be customized for you.

To celebrate Easter we will be holding an Easter Egg Hunt at

Bye for now! xx

Easter Egg Hunt!

We are having an Easter Egg hunt over here on the website! All you have to do is Find all the Easter Eggs that look like this!

They are hidden all over the place so make sure you check out images, products and pages
Either email us or comment how many you think there are hidden on the website, correct answers will entered in to the prize draw to win £75 worth of Jewellery.
Competition closes 6th April 2015. The winner will be picked on Fri 10th April


Good Luck!


P.s you can count these three!! :D

Mothers Day and St Patricks Day!

Howdy Folks! 

Well this weekend sees us celebrating people very important to us - Mothers!

My Mother is an amazing woman who always supports me, guides me and often works with me on Bow and Crossbones.
I love my Mom ! (I am from the Midlands so I pronounce it Mom not Mum). Trisha I salute you!

Here we are tearing up the dance floor!

Mother's Day got me thinking about some of the great Mothers I know and meet on the road at shows with Bow and Crossbones.
Verity of Amazing Hairdresser, Supreme Dancer, Lover of Glitter and Great Mum

Pip Love of PipPip and the Swags and
Pip is fantastic woman who is always ready with a tape measure to alter and rescue your vintage threads, designs some beautiful mid century clothing and boy can this Momma sing! Here she is on stage wearing some of our Vivien Hoops and Bamboo Bangles!

One of our favourite Mother and Daughter Teams to meet at shows are Janine and BabyJai. BabyJai is another talented singer and these two are force to be reckoned with!

Every Mom deserves to be spoiled and appreciated on Sunday 15th March. Here at Bow and Crossbones we also sell Gift Cards which are a great option for a Mother's Day gift.
The Mother's we know all have great taste and am sure have their eye on something from us!

It is also St Patrick's Day this week!

​ Now you may have guessed I am obsessed with Red Velvet Recipes, any excuse for cake!
We have had Red Velvet Pancakes but now prepare yourself for Green Velvet Sr Patrick's Day Cake!

Here is the recipe from Recipes Girl if you fancy a go!

If you are celebrating the Emerald Isle this week we have beautiful accessories in all shades of green for you.

Including these gorgeous Droppers!

Bye for now Folks!

Pancake Day!!

Howdy Folks!

We hope you were surprised with some beautiful Valentines and at least some of them were from Bow and Crossbones!

We have a short but sweet post today with a drool inducing recipe we found this week.

Good reason to get up and make this years' pancakes in the morning!

If you prefer more of a low fat golden disc have a look at our selection of Reproduction Confetti Lucite Earrings.

If you still can't get that salty pink bacon out of your mind (sorry about that) maybe these Pink Pastel Tear drop earrings can satisfy your craving? Or our pastel pink chiffon square scarf.

We are busy getting ready for show season and are excited for the second installment of a new edition to the UK Weekender scene Atomic Festival.
Check it out below in this awesome promo film from our friends at BopFlix .

We loved it last year and cannot wait to see you all in May.

Bye for now Folks!

Valentines Day with Bow & Crossbones

Howdy Bow and Crossbones Fans!
Wow January has almost gone already?  We are so excited about 2015 we will be at a number of shows this year with loads of new styles and Bow and Crossbones Classics.
This year sees us celebrating 10 Years trading !!!!!

I am so proud of everything Bow and Crossbones has achieved in the last 10 years and happy to say I have lots of customers who have been with me the whole time.

I will be celebrating this milestone with a special event later in the year TBA so keep your eyes peeled on all our social media pages.

Just putting it out there that 10 year anniversary gifts are traditional tin/ aluminium but the modern trend is for Diamonds - we know you love us!

Speaking of Love there are plenty of opportunities to get your hands on B&C goodies before show season starts and the first is Saint Valentine's Day 14th February. The perfect way to treat your loved one or impress your crush.

You may want to add some of our gorgeous pieces to your favourites as a hint.

These Heart Brooches are inspired by an original 1940s Bakelite style and are available in a number of colours so you don't have to stick with traditional Red.

Why not get creative have this gorgeous domed Heart Brooch made to order for your sweetheart in a colour of your choice.

Our cute mini wicker hat charm styles have been very popular since we sourced them in the summer, this set makes a lovely gift.

Now we love a little thought in our love notes and when we came across this website full of Vintage Valentine greetings we were in love. Here are a few of our favourites.

Why not plant two of our kitsch lawn flamingos in your garden for your darling to find on Valentines morning- smooth move huh?

One of my favourite Christmas gifts was The Red Velvet Lover's Cookbook by Deborah Harroun full of delicious, sweet Red Velvet treats.

This No Bake Red Velvet Cheesecake is worth breaking the new year diet for and the perfect Valentine's treat.

We hope your 2015 has started with a bang and we look forward to decorating your life with Bow and Crossbones!

Y'all Take Care.xxxx

Introducing Isabelle L'Amour Pin- Up Model

Name & Alias: Isabelle L'Amour
Country: UK
Age: 24
Social Media Pages:

Isabelle L'amour is a fab Burlesque dancer - Check her out!

What your fave colours and Style is? I'm a very girly girl so pinks, blues, golds, I'm very classic pin up so things with hearts and flowers, that kind of thing! :D

Here She is Modelling Bow & Crossbones Jewellery And Accessories

Wearing our 50's Reproduction Tiny Hoops

Wearing Our 

Medium Lucite Confetti Domed Stud Earrings

Season's Greetings!!

Wow ! What a busy year 2014 has been for Bow and Crossbones.

We are back from the USA and  settled into a lovely British Autumn.
We have had a fantastic time  at all the events we have been to meeting all you lovelies folks.

We have one more event before the end of 2014 in Camden, London Sunday December 14th.
Bettina Scarlett Presents Mid Century Market Christmas Edition at Cecil Sharpe House.

We will be popping in to Dingwalls Dancehall later that evening and maybe along to the last Hula Boogie at South London Pacific. We hope to see lot of your lovely faces somewhere along the way!
We have been working hard on making it easier to shop online with us. 
There are a few new filters so you can shop by theme and style -Tiki - Novelty- Bakelite, and you can also shop by colour!

 So you if you are looking for a particular shade of sparkles or matching your Holiday or New Year outfit you can easily find all the options we have on offer.

Take a look round and let us know your thoughts.

As a little bribe we'll give you a  free postage voucher! Perfect for Xmas shopping  :)
Please Use 'XmasTime14' at the Check out for free postage
 New lines are added daily at the moment. Including our new vintage collection with original Lucite and Bakelite!

See you this weekend ;)
B&C team xox

Pre made sets!