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High Rockabilly - squeezing out the last bit of sun!

Howdy Folks!
At Bow and Crossbones HQ we are coming to the end of our UK Summer Show Season and at time of year we are gearing up for one of our favorite events High Rockabilly.

High Rockabilly takes place in Calafell a great Costa Dorada town in Catalonia about 60km south of Barcelona. The town really embraces the festival as you can see!


The festival runs over five days with street parties, pool parties beach bar parties and that doesn't even cover the official night time venue!
This year we are looking forward to catching a glimpse of
The Planet Rockers

 Ruby Ann -

 The Montesas
 and Marti Brom

One of the reason we love it so much is that the main festival venue only opens in the evening so we get to enjoy  some sun, sea and sand!
When we go on holiday the weather is always good! (Crossing finger and praying)
High Rockabilly usually provides us with 28 degrees and sun sun sun so there are some summer staples essential to looking and feeling good in Spain!

If you read our last blog you know we love a head scarf!

We love a good dip in the sea but wet and pin curl sets do not mix! The addition of a head scarf or bandana keeps the water off your hair and adds to your beach look.


A parasol will give you some much needed shade poolside and keep some of the strongest sun off your face. They are also really useful when the beach umbrellas are all sold out! Our parasols come in a range of beautiful colours  to offset your best play suits and swimwear!
Don't forget your Sunglasses!

Not only will they protect your eyes from UVA rays they will prevent other festival goers from seeing how many of these you had at Bora Bora Tiki Cocktail Bar the night before!


If you want to continue the tiki theme to the beach the next day and the plastic bottle is just not cutting it then you need one of our Pineapple or Palm tree Party Cups! The lids mean you can take them into the ocean with you and no sand will ruin your Mai Tai!
This summer we have a fantastic collaboration with You're Naked Without One.


We sourced a small consignment of Vintage Bell Shaped, Asian Style Hats that had been sitting unloved and badly tie dyed! We have given these hats a new lease of life with new colours and some fantastic trims.
This shape of hat is really hard to find and we wanted to make sure no two hats were the same for our customers.

There is a small selection available on our site- the rest will be coming to High Rockabilly with us before going back on to our website. Don't miss them because once they are gone they an never be repeated!

Our feet barely touch the ground after High Rockabilly before we are so excited to be off to Las Vegas for a brand new weekender The Rockabilly Rock Out!!!!!

We are really excited to be taking part in the first Rock Out in the USA!
We are working really hard on our beautiful Reproduction 50s jewellery to bring sparkly, shiny set to off set your finest evening wear.


Have a look at what Dollie The Rockabilly Socialite had to say in her lovely review of Bow and Crossbones!

Photos by Dollie.

We are looking forward to watching
The Rhythm Shakers

Young Jessie

The Rip Em Ups

Phew! We have amazing few months coming up and cannot wait to see lots of your faces and meet you all over the world!!!

Bye for now!!!

Show Season

We Will be at the Following Shows the Yr! Pop by the stall and come say hi!

  • A-bombers
  • Retro Festival
  • Bettina Scarlet presents mid century Market - Hammersmith
  • Twin-woods- Represented by Ozone Clothing
  • High Rockabilly - Spain
  • Rock Out -Las Vegas

Summer time fun - Sqaure chiffon scarves

Howdy Folks! Phew what a scorcher!
We have truly been blessed with some beautiful weather this British Summer time.
The weather has been pretty perfect for our Summer Festival season and
it has been great to see so many of you adding Bow and Crossbones to your
Summer looks.

You have been loving our summer staple Fans, Parasols, Novelty Pineapple
and Palm tree drinking cups, summer dresses and lots and lots of beautiful


We want to take a moment shine a spotlight on one of our favorite summer
accessory – The Scarf!


Chiffon Head Square -there is a scarf for everyone.
A folded bandana tied around your head is an instant touch of retro
glamour. It is an easy style that can be casual or dressy and a fast way to
deal with your hair!
A sash scarf can be used in the same way as a bandana for a softer look, can
be tied in a billowy bow for a cutesy look.
If your look for the day is Riviera Chic then tying the sash at the back of the
head and letting the length flow free is a great option.
Sash scarves also look great tied around your neck.
Being fans of 1950s style we spend more time than we care to admit on
styling our hair into precisely coiffed vintage hairstyles.
Pin Curls or rollers give us the best long lasting results but a head full of
pink foam tubes all over our head is hardly the look we are going for!
The best way we have found to deal with this problem is with a classic scarf
from the past – the chiffon square!
Now these sheer squares come in lots of colours to match your hair, your
rollers, your outfit or just your football team and can be tied neatly over
your rollers or pin curls whilst they marinade taking your look from Nora
Batty to Joan Holloway is a few seconds.
Here is the gorgeous Miss Jessica Holly wearing one of ours in black. Just a
few strategically placed bobby pins will keep your pre-styling under wraps
and protected until you are ready to brush that style out.
Now she has had a lot of practice tying her scarf- if you need some guidance
there is fantastic webpage that breaks down loads of scarf styles into easy
to follow diagrams. Before you know it you will be making scarves part of
your daily look!
Our Video Coming soon!
As always you can find us at
If you are out and about at any shows we can be found here in the next few
B&C Team xox

 sources: &


News News News- Some may call it a news flash!?

Well-a-Howdy there!
We have been seriously busy working on our new lines for you lovely people!
If you haven't seen here's what we have been up to since the end of Jan!
Follow us on Facebook , twitter and instagram to get up to date info, new products and Offers!
So whats coming up?....I hear you say!
We are getting to that awesome time of the year where we hit the road, with our stall.
We are setting up at these following events! (so far!)

  • A-bombers
  • Retro Festival
  • High Rockabilly
We are also stocking the lovely Lady K Loves Brand new Flagship store in Bristol, with our goodies! :)
Opening on the 10th April!
We are expecting some seasonal treats to be arriving in the next few weeks;
  • Lawn Flamingos
  • Mini Lawn Flamingos
  • Pineapple cups
  • Bamboo bangles
  • more lucite treats
  • New styles of Sunglasses

We have been Working with some lovely Bloggers and Models recently too, so keep your eyes peeled for reviews!
We have also been working hard on the website, doing little tweaks here and there to make it easier and more fun for you lovelies to use!
If you have any issues with the site, you can always drop us a line to let us know! we don't bite!
And that's our round up of the last few weeks!
Stay tuned for more!
B&C TEAM :) xox

New Year, New Lobes! The story of Solene's new lobes.

Hi there folks!

I don't tend to talk about myself a lot on here, or at all! But here goes!

My name is Cam, I started Bow & Crossbones, nearly 6 yrs ago. And unless you have met me at one of our shows or know me, I tend to hide in my workshop!

I'm a Tattooed, 'rockabilly' Gal who loves music, dancing, 50's, tiki, & kitsch things!

Me on the Stall at High Rockabilly Last year


Like a lot of 'Alternative' girls my age, I am now stuck with big holes in my lobes! Unable to wear pretty Dainty earrings.

In my late teens I started getting pierced & started to stretched my lobes. I stretched and happily stayed at 22mm for quite a while.

After hitting my mid 20's I decided I wanted a change... something that complemented my style more.

I took them out every evening and put a smaller gauge plug/tunnel back in, in the morning, (to hide my cat bum holes from the world!) As the months went on I stopped wearing the plugs altogether and started wearing vintage clip-on earrings that I had been collecting & lucite ranges I had started making. Some styles are perfect as they're large enough to be a great cover up!

My stretched lobes.... and Covered Stretched lobes


Now after several years of wearing clip-on earrings, I have started to think about having the piercings surgically closed.


Something which the lovely UK based pin-up model Solene has recently done!


We know there are plenty of other rockin' ladies in the same position, who might be considering shrinking and hiding their larger gauge piercings or even closing them altogether.


So we thought we'd have a little chat with Solene about her experience. 

What made you decide to shrink your ear lobes/ Have an earlobe reconstruction?
I pretty much woke up one day and decided I'd had enough of my stretched lobes! Mainly because I kept seeing all these lovely vintage earrings that I just couldn't wear and also because I wanted to have the option of not having to wear anything in my ears if I didn't want to.

What size were your lugholes before?
My lobes were stretched to 22mm at the time I decided to stop wearing jewellery but they did shrink considerably from the point I took my plugs out to my procedure - It was a couple of months in between and I would say they had shrunk by at least 5mm.

How long did you have them stretched for?
I started stretching about 6 years ago but took it really slow as I didn't want to ruin my lobes. I stretched 1mm at a time, about every couple of months because it's pretty much all my lobes could take! I only got to 22mm in May 2013.
How did you find the process of the surgery?
Really easy! Don't get me wrong, I was really nervous at the thought of someone slicing into my ears but I was put completely at ease and felt nothing at all. The procedure took about an hour per ear and the most uncomfortable thing for me was having to lie with my head turned to one side for an extended amount of time, which isn't really that bad! You hear what is being done but don't feel a thing. I guess for the more squeamish this may not be ideal but I found it mostly funny!
Did you have anaesthetic?
Oh my god yes! I wouldn't recommend anyone gets this done without! Lobe reconstruction should be done by someone qualified to use local anaesthetic in any case and I made sure to ask people in the know about it, as well as get information from others who'd had the same procedure done. The injection was the most 'painful' part of the procedure but I use the term loosely as it doesn't actually hurt that much. And once the first injection is done, your ear starts to go numb so the following ones are completely painless! I think he injected about 6 times for each ear, in various areas front and back, to ensure that it was completely numb. He then tests with a needle to see if you feel anything. To put it in perspective, I pretty much had half a lobe before I even realised he'd actually started!

Who did the surgery?
Lestyn Flye at Divine Canvas (179 Caledonian Road, London N1 0SL - 0207 5027736)

As far as I know he is one the best out there for this type of thing. He was recommended to me by a body mod artist in my home town and also by a friend who'd had her ears done by him. He's really easy to talk to, he can be contacted via his Facebook page ( and when I first got in touch with him to make enquiries about my procedure, he replied pretty much straight away and was happy to give all the information I wanted - and I asked a lot!

Would you recommend this to anyone?
Yes absolutely, to anyone who has stretched beyond the point where their ears won't shrink back naturally to a size that would allow them to wear normal pierced earrings for example, which I wouldn't have been able to do. I was able to conceal the holes by wearing clip-on earrings large enough to cover them, but really wanted to be able to wear hoops with smaller clips and eventually normal pierced earrings.
It is not cheap, I think prices start from £300 per ear depending on how much much Lestyn has to do. He will ask you to send him some photos of your ears so that he can give a quote. However I would happily do it all over again and would have paid more if I'd had to. Before contacting Lestyn I spoke to someone else about doing the procedure and they quoted £200 for both ears. I've since seen some of that person's work and let's just say I'm glad I went with Lestyn! He is absolutely worth it. Don't scrimp on this, it's not a small thing, they're your ears and you don't want them to look like they've been Frankenstein'd basically!
How long till you can re-pierce or wear clip ons?
Lestyn recommended I wait a year before I get my ears pierced again, which I absolutely intend to do! In terms of clip-ons, I wore a pair about a week after my stitches were taken out and wore them confortably all day, but obviously I think it depends on how comfortable the clip-ons are (some pinch more than others) and how tender your ears feel! Mine still feel a little tender when squeezed lightly but it is not painful. What I have found when wearing clip ons is those little plastic pads you can put on the clip, it acts as a cushion and makes wearing earrings more comfortable! I found a pack of 10 pairs for like a pound on Ebay!


 Here are the before, During and after shots
A Huge Thanks to Solene for the interview!
Check out her modeling here!


'B&C does not necessarily endorse, support, sanction, encourage, verify or agree with the comments, opinions, or statements posted in this interview. The appearance of external hyperlinks does not constitute B&C's endorsement of the linked websites, or the information, products or services contained therein. Other UK-based Body Modification artists are available. Always do your own research before committing to a procedure.



Thanks for reading! Please share you experience with us in the comments! xoxo

Introducing Solene - Pin up Model

As we work with so many gorgeous rockabilly and vintage styled pin-up girls, we thought it was high-time we introduced you to them all.
Starting with the Beautiful Solene.




Name: Solene Percher
Occupation: Insurance Broker and sometimes Pinup Model!
Age: 34
Brands I have worked for: I have worked with a lot of great designers including OuterLimitz, Bernie Dexter, Miss Bamboo & Lady K Loves, including recently Bow & Crossbones.
Pictured here wearing our Vivien Hoop Earrings Glitter!

Fave Photographer: I have never shot with her but would have to say Viva Van Story - love and admire her work so much! Definitely included in my list of 'things to do before I die' is to work with her one day!
Fave pin-up model: MoshX
Check out our next Blog with an exclusive interview with this stunner!

Happy New Year!

Happy new year to you all!

  (a little late in the month, we know! But better late than never!)
So here's a quick update of what we have been up to so far this year!!
We have a fantastic new range of dresses in!! All under £40!


We also have extended our reproduction range too!

We are also having a huge clear out of Home wares!

Valid for another few days! so get in quick!


We have also opened our Wholesale doors again to New and Old customers!

If you are interested in buying wholesale from us, please email or use the contact forms with your request! :D

And finally on our new years round-up!


We are now able to take Card payments online, not just paypal!

And the winner is...

Calling Rockin' Guys and Gals around the Rockabilly world!

You can tell he means business but I just like his phone!
Our competition to win a £100 Bow & Crossbones Goodie Bag has come to a close. We are pleased to announce that our winner is Thirza Tooes! Thirza can claim this fantastic prize by contacting us through Facebook, Twitter, here on the blog or by emailing
Now, now... There’s no need to be disheartened! We still have so many exciting things going on here to fill up your oh so chic 50’s inspired stockings this Christmas!
We have quirky alternative gifts for the man, woman or significant other in your life! There are gifts galore in the Online Store including our Retro TV Set Photo Frame, these Pantry Style Cake Tins or this Traditional Gentleman’s Hip Flask.
That will help to keep the chill away!
Then there’s the Christmas parties! When the High Street can’t help you - We’ll keep you looking Pin-up Perfect in our Rockabilly Polka Dot Halterneck Top or play up your curves in a Sailor Girl Pin-up Dress, then simply slip one of our range of Kitsch cardigans over your shoulders.
Kitsch Cherries & Cherry Blossom Cardigan
But before you step out the door in your fabulous frock - Don’t forget those fabulous accessories. If ever you needed an excuse to pile on the glitzy retro bling, Christmas is it! Our jewellery range is ever-expanding and we’re are proud producers of some of the best 50’s Reproduction Jewellery available. From our glamorous Confetti Small Dome Earrings to our Large Cherry Brooch, we source and include vintage confetti glitter plus original 1950’s moulded Lucite pieces wherever we can. The range includes Jewellery Sets designed to provide not only an opulent finish to any retro look and the ideal gift for the Rockabilly Pin-up Girl in your life! 
Moonglow Light Blue Teardrop Set
Here at B&C HQ, we get throughly over-excited by Christmas and we hope you will too! In fact, I’m sure between now and 25th December (WOO HOO!) we’ll find plenty more things to be excited about too, like some Rockin’ Recipe Revivals and our 2013 Round Up! What do you think should make our Round Up? Which weekenders really rocked your world this year?
Team B&C

Your chance to a WIN £100 GOODIE BAG!!

Get your Alternative Rockabilly Christmas going by entering our new competition!

All you have to do is share the link of your favourite product from our website and you could 


How much?!
First, find your favourite product at
Then head to the navigation bar and copy the address you find there...
AND THEN, paste your clickable link on our pages for a chance to win!

There are so many ways to enter as well!
You can literally paste your link in the comments below

  • HERE on this blog
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That's right! 3 CHANCES to enter!*

For example, your FB post could look something like this:

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One Lucky B&C Lovely will win a mixed goodie bag from Bow & Crossbones worth £100.00!! Who knows, your favourite item just might end up in there! 
Bow & Crossbones' Winners 
Hands up, who wants to win £100 worth of B&C treats?
Just think... £100 worth of Bow & Crossbones' goodies could be the perfect way to sort out your Christmas Shopping or just keep it all and treat yourself!
CLOSING DATE 15th NOVEMBER 2013!! *Maximum of 3 entries per person. Only one entry per social platform. Multiple entries on each media will not be entered. The winner will be chosen at random.  
Get Sharing and GOOD LUCK! 

Flying Out!

Finally, it’s October! There is just too much year between Octobers, don’t you think? You know how much we love to fill our show year up with weekenders, festivals and rallies. Now we’ve done our last show of the year, we’re feeling a well-deserved rest is on the cards... but guess what? That’s just not going to happen! Instead, no sooner have Cam’s peeptoe wedges hit the Welcome Mat at B&C HQ than she’s packing her bags and flying out to the ole USA!
Bow & Crossbones Hitching a Flight
She’s going to be in L.A. until mid-November, soaking up some sunshine and sourcing some great new lines for Bow &Crossbones. It is a seriously exciting trip with will hopefully yield some seriously exciting stock! If you are in the area and know any rockin’ hotspots that you think Cam should be checking out, let us know?
Speaking of things that are flying out (geddit?) our spooky Skelemingoes have been popping up in all sorts of places. As lovers of kitsch, we have always had a soft spot for Halloween, so when given the opportunity to stock this seasonal themed version of the Classic Lawn Flamingo, we just couldn’t say no. Luckily, there’s still just enough time to get this unusual slice of Americana on your lawn before Halloween!
Of course, we know the celebrations don’t end with October 31st and the Skelemingoes happily sit alongside our HUGE range of Day of the Dead inspired pieces. Día de Muertos is celebrated in so many ways in different places around the world! Bow & Crossbones have bought some bright and beautiful pieces together for you to honour the occasion. You can shop the range here. Our range is bursting with flowers, sugar skulls and traditional Mexican design touches, plus kitsch little additions like these Day of the  Dead Candy Sugar Skull Candles...
Day of the  Dead Candy Sugar Skull Candles
Before we disappear on our broomsticks, we want take this opportunity to say thank you for all the great support we have received from the rockabilly and vintage community! You’ve all helped the site in so many ways and we look forward seeing old and new faces at next year’s shows. Please keep in touch with us here at B&C News or over at Facebook or Twitter because you can be sure we’ve got some great things coming before the year is out!


B&C Team


Pre made sets!