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Firstly, before anything else...
Welcome to our new website!
Yes, yes! We know we’ve said it before but it felt all too brief an encounter so its definitely worth saying again. Do let us know what you think of our new look website and logo, either in the comments here or by joining us over on Facebook and Twitter! Like any hatchling, the site has had a few teething problems. Not that you lovely users would know, but the Tech Team over here at B&C HQ have been working hard to iron out any of the glitches before you noticed. Sneaky, eh?

Bow & Crossbones' Tech Team
As well as the hard work behind the scenes here, some of the team recently headed out on an intrepid adventure to the 4th Annual High Rockabilly. Those who follow our Facebook feed will have seen the shots documenting Cam & Co’s epic drive from Staffordshire, UK to Calafell, Spain! 
Each year the High pretty much takes over the town with events across different venues spanning the second week of September, plus two celebratory after parties a day later. With Spanish temperatures soaring, we had a fantastic time and met some amazing people. It really did feel like the hottest party on earth! Check out this little round-up from the High Rockabilly (with what looks an awful lot like one of our Bamboo Bags at 1:48 - they turn up everywhere!)

PHEW! Is it any wonder we took a week to recover? Further information on Rockabilly Worldwide events can be found here. Thanks to everyone who came to see us! We took great pleasure in seeing so many Bow & Crossbones’ pieces being worn and loved over the High Rockabilly Festival.
If you want to meet the team and find the perfect piece for you, there is one more chance before we rest our weary dancing feet. We will be part of Planet Earth’s Biggest Retro & Vintage Marketplace at Hemsby 51!

We’re really looking forward to this year at Hemsby and, as it will be the last show of the 2013 season, expect to see some great deals at the Bow & Crossbones stand!
Now, just because we won’t be upping sticks to some great weekenders doesn’t mean you have to miss out on Bow & Crossbones goodies. The website is open 24/7 with exclusive products and super swift delivery available on many items. There are some very exciting tidbits we’re just itching to tell you about (including news of an upcoming Road Trip and seasonal specials!!) SO keep your eyes on the blog and be the first in the know!
B&C Team


Howdy folks!

This is it!

We're home! This is our new, very lovely website and online home!

This is the place to come when you want the latest B&C news, to shop the latest jewellery, accessories or clothing, or you just want to tell us how much you love Bow & Crossbones...


How do you like it?

B&C Team xox

Bow & Crossbones' Makes a Surprise Appearance!

We love getting surprises in the mail!

Well, we just plain love getting surprises full stop!

So imagine our joy when we received a mysterious package...

We carefully opened it and there was a magazine!


B&C Team xox

The American Dream!

On July 4th, in 1776, the USA announced it's independence from Great Britain, drafting and adopting the Declaration of Independence, and saying "We don't want to party with you no more UK! We're going to have a party of our own!"  Thus the American public not only get a National Holiday every year, but they really know how to celebrate it! There's the open air concerts, the fireworks, the parades, the carnivals, the fireworks, the enormous community picnics, and let's not forget the barbecues and fireworks!

Now this might not be the most accurate description of USA Independence Day but at least we haven't started talking about that special July 4th back in 1996. (You know, when Will Smith battled the aliens who destroyed the White House.) Anyway, as this is such an important day for the land of the free and home of the brave, we can’t just let it pass us by here in Blighty!

So as America comes online today, we say...



We appreciate that we're a day late but we also know that for a lot of the US the party will keep on rolling this weekend! So enjoy your birthday, America!

Now, because nothing says Uncle Sam to us here at Bow & Crossbones HQ more than American muscle cars and Hotrods we have a selection of Rockwells Men's shirts (£17.00) celebrating speed shops and all things V8!

 Speaking of which, check out these stunning V8 necklaces! (£7.99)

Whilst we're on the subject of celebrating our American cousins, we are so excited about taking part in this year's Americana International. This annual event is the longest running festival of it's kind, taking place in Nottinghamshire, July 11th - 15th! It is an opportunity to celebrate American culture, music and CARS!

There will be rock n' roll a plenty and we'll be there for the whole event, so stop by and say 'Hi!'

B&C Team xox


Celebrate the Summer!

We're really feeling the joys of summer here at B&C HQ!

We've just about recovered from the Rockabilly Rave. We'd like to say thanks to everyone that helped us out or even just came to say 'hi!' It was a great weekend, full of faces - new and old! Seeing our pieces worn by Rockin' Lovelies is always a hit with us. So if you have any pics of you wearing Bow & Crossbones then tag us on Facebook or Tweet us your best pose!

Well now, lovelies! Seeing as today is the Summer Solstice, we thought we'd celebrate the longest day of the year by giving you the gift of Summertime drinking. Here's the recipe for a simple but gorgeous Strawberry Margarita we mentioned here, courtesy of the Press Team;


Strawberry Margarita (to share)

3/4 Pint of Lime Cordial
10-12 Strawberries
6-8 Fresh Basil leaves
One 50cl bottle of Tequila
Lime to garnish

Using a couple of Kilner jars or one enormous pitcher, dilute the Lime Cordial to taste (up to 1 Pint) with water. Add your tequila of choice. Now Taz-Taz from Press doesn't like to dilute her Lime too much, which of course means more Tequila per serving.

De-leaf and slice the strawberries. Try to make them pretty looking, but we're sure you won't mind too much after a glass or two. Crush the Basil leaves. Add the Strawberries and Basil to the jars/pitcher.

Cover the pitcher, or secure the lid on your jars. Place them in the fridge or just some place cool. Now wait! The Basil and Strawberries need a good few hours to release their flavour (and colour!) into the drink. It has to be said that overnight is best, if you're so inclined.

When you have a jar of lovely pale pink Margarita and you just can't resist any longer then simply serve with a slice of lime! If you're feeling fancy, you can sugar salt the glass rim.

Enjoy! Oh, and remember! Drink responsibly!

B&C Team xox

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

The sun is shining down on us and everyone here at Bow & Crossbones would like to wish a

Happy Cinco de Mayo

to anyone celebrating this weekend!


It's time to pull out your best satin shoes, grab a partner and get your Jarabe Tapatío on the dance floor!

For any lovelies who aren't familiar with this colourful chance to party, here's a quick Top 5 Facts;


    1. Cinco de Mayo, literally meaning Fifth of May, celebrates the Anniversary of the 1862 Battle of Puebla when the Mexican army defeated the troops of Napoleon III.


2. The most popular food to be eaten in Puebla on Cinco de Mayo will probably be Mole Poblano, a complex, dark and thick saucy dish involving chili, chocolate and spices.



3. The people of the Peñón de los Baños, Mexico City will present their annual play depicting the Cinco de Mayo battle. As the French invaders take on the Mexican army some skirmishes will use real gunpowder rifles! Yikes!



4. Over 600,000 Los Angeleans will gather for the annual Festival de Fiesta Broadway which is the largest Cinco de Mayo event in the world.



5. You don't need to be Mexican to enjoy Cinco de Mayo! This is a time to celebrate all the things hispanic culture has to offer, so take the opportunity to dive into this fabulous fiesta.

Now, where's my sombrero?

B&C Team xox

Home Sweet Home

Hello lovelies!

We’re all nicely settled into our rockin’ new home here in Stoke-on-Trent, finally we have chance to tell you about all the things we’ve been upto!
Firstly, do you follow us on Facebook or Twitter? If you don’t, now is the time to head over and give us a ‘like’ or tweet us a friendly “Hey!” Particularly as we have a HUGE bridal competition running on Facebook, RIGHT NOW! We’re going to be running some fab giveaways and sharing some exciting news over the few months. We want you to be in the thick of it, so come on over!

Looking out the window, we’ve had the faintest glimmer of sunshine and it has put us in the mood for summer.


Now, we all know sunburn does us no favours and here at Bow & Crossbones HQ we like to keep ourselves pin-up picture perfect! How better to keep the sun from your shoulders than with one of these sunshades?

From our Recent shoot With Eva L'Amour, Vanity box & Photo Lea

Eva L'amour wears Mrs Miniver's Boned Suntop in Bamboo Print with Our Bamboo bangles and new reproduction Lucite Earrings ( coming soon!) by Bow & Crossbones

We’ve just had a new stock of these gorgeous silk parasols! They’re available in a range of colours, so its easy to find the right fit for your summer look or hang it and bring a little taste of the Orient to your living room.

While we’re adding splashes of colour to your home, we NEED to tell you about these kitsch-tastic little ladies!

Light up these colourful candles and keep the luau lights glowing into the night. These handcarved Hula Girls are available in Pink or Purple and are in stock alongside their cute Day of the Dead sugar skull candle & Tiki head Candle companions.

All of us can’t wait to settle into a balmy, candlelit summer evening with these beauties and maybe a tall Strawberry Margarita! Or two... And to help us beat the heat, we’ll be cooling ourselves with one of these stunning fabric fans!

From our Recent shoot With Ruby Heels, Vanity box & Photo Lea

With 6 colours available, we think we’ll be seeing plenty of fluttering fans at this year’s weekenders. So get yours while stock last!

Well, before we get too ahead of ourselves and lost in a potiental glorious summer we want to tell all about what we’ve been doing these last few weeks. As well as securing lots of wonderful stock and creating new lines (more of which COMING SOON), we asked the beautiful Eva L’amour and Ruby Heels to model some new products for us.

With help from the Lovely Gemma at The Vanity Box and ever-hardworking photographer Leanne Bagnall, we had a fabulous day! Keep a close eye on the website, as more photos will be coming from this glamourous shoot. A big thanks to everyone involved!

It doesn’t stop there! With more photoshoots on the way, more events this year, and more exciting developments here at Bow & Crossbones HQ we’ll be seeing you all soon. Roll on Hemsby 50!!!

Don’t forget to keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter, in the meantime!

B&C Team xox

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